Chaserbros, who do you do it for?

Chaserbros, who do you do it for?

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I’ve been chatting with a local girl who is shy and awkward and cute and probably I’m a monster for wanting her because I have pervy thoughts about what we would do together like having her sit on my lap like a little girl while we watch movies and shit, but she seems to like me and she might be secretly a pervert too maybe, though she seems too pure. Also if she doesn’t want to do sexy stuff I could live with that, she’s so cute I just want to be around her and bask in the cuteness. My first attempt to ask her out was a failure because it was to a thing she didn’t like, but she’s still talking to me so maybe I still have a chance. Kind of nervous though because if I ask again and there’s another excuse it means she’s only interested in online chat at best and maybe is just too polite to tell me to fuck off. I haven’t sent her a message in a few weeks because I’m worried about what to propose for a date

Also Bagel, when she's not calling me a faggot.

hazelnut and Sophie.

I do it for my pengus

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straight botttoms are completely valid and loved


My nigger, if you aren't talking to a broad for "a few weeks" it means there is nothing there. Also if you ask someone out and get rejected, don't ask again.

Mind you, I have heard of a love story (I dunno how to phrase it, but, this actually happened), which was just a random reddit comment of a girl saying how her parents met, and that involved the dad asking the mom out dozens of times until she eventually said yes, and, the rest is history. But, this is still super rapey. No means no, and all. Also that could just be attributed to it being a different time.

sure but this thread isn't about us(not in that way at least)

she was perfect

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I get what you’re saying but she asked for my snap after the “no”, and we’ve been chatting there so I think you’re being a little dramatic my white friend. Then again I’m autisimus maximus so you might be right

try getting a real woman

are you beta orbiting a hon because you think it will be easier to get some? have higher standards

stop putting yourself down bagel, you stupid attention whore

too many tranners have betrayed my trust and abused my kindness, i fall for it every fucking time.
im done, now i just focus on getting jacked and rich so i can pump and dump these dumb bitches.

based pengu do it for-er

what do you look like bagel?

not me but they’re right


hey user UwU you're so kind ( >~///< )

I'd hug you if you were real >,~,< (

I don't anymore
It's all ogre

same bro, same

get a job

user doesn't want it, giv to me instead