Christianity has been worse historically as all Muslim civilizations practiced homosexuality (Bacha Bazi, Koceks), and let's not forget Andalus and the Islamic golden age.

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And now?

Historically illiterate retard
>The Ottoman practice of Koceks was cultural phenomenon similar in concept to modern "Drag Kids". Koceks were a combination of dancer, clown, crossdresser and child prostitute: They consisted of young Christian boys who were forcibly taken from their families to be enslaved and trained as willful sexual objects and entertainers for Muslim Turks.

This is why muttrashians need to read history, you just affirmed that Islamic pedophilia equates to homosexual acceptance when all expressions of adult homosexuality were punishable by death.

Based, you are indeed right.
Green should be in the pride flag, islam has every type of LGBTQ+ elements inside it.
The Ottomans legalized Gay rights.
The wives and concubines of caliphs would often lezz out.
Most great Muslim warriors were bisexual and would have sex with beautiful boys.
Iran and Pakistan accept Transgenders and respect them greatly.
Allah is an Asexual and Genderqueer all-knowing God.
And Muhamad represents MAP rights with Aisha.

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Sure, whatever.
Doesn't change the fact that abrahamism is evil and needs to be eradicated.
>b-but the good ones
Breed bad ones.

>Sure, whatever

I am so tired of seeing casual Islamophobia on this website.
By promoting hatred, you are putting Muslim lives at risk, do you not know that?

Cop, Ibrahim

>. . . Liudprand goes on to tell of his embarrassment on discovering that whereas Otto's ambassador and those from Cordova had brought the Emperor magnificent presents, his own master had sent nothing but a letter — 'and that was full of lies'. Fortunately he had with him a number of gifts that he had intended to offer to Constantine on his own account; and these, most reluctantly, he now pretended had come from Berengar. They consisted of:

>nine excellent cuirasses, seven excellent shields with gilded bosses, two silver-gilt cups, some swords, spears and spits, and - more appreciated by the Emperor than anything else - four carzymasia, that being the Greek name for young eunuchs who have been deprived not only of their testicles but of their penises as well - an operation performed by merchants at Verdun, who export them to Spain at huge profit to themselves.

>This last item raises more questions than can be discussed here, not least why these luckless youths should have been so sought after -particularly by Constantine, whose sexual tastes were, so far as we know, entirely normal and who already enjoyed a virtually limitless supply of slaves of every kind.

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And now islamophobes are posting antisemitic hate symbols like "pepe the frog". Why am I not surprised? This website is a sewer, I am losing faith in humanity.

>By promoting hatred, you are putting Muslim lives at risk, do you not know that?
This kind of ironic shitposting doesn't work when you're talking to people who sincerely want to gas every single muslim on this planet, you know?

Everyone here hates Islamophobia.

By talking about "gas", you are clearly invoking the Holocaust of the Jews, did you think your dog whistle would be lost one me?
You obviously hate Muslims.
Maybe, just maybe, you should get Muslim friends, and realize Islam is a religion of peace that supports the rights of every discriminated people, be it LGBTQIMAP+, POCs, Neurodivergents, Alternative Bodies etc.
It's called being a decent human being.
I hope the moderators of this site will not allow this kind of behavior in the future as it reinforces the pressure and murders perpetrated by Trump supporters on marginalized folks all over.

I'm Christphobic. In most of the West, Christianity is the more active and powerful anti-gay force.

Cope, seethe and dare I say, dilate.

Our lives are at stake 24/7 and you want me to be concerned over some muslims I do not know?

>"progressives" will defend a violent, bigoted ideology to their last breath just because brown people do it
I'll never truly understand it.

Savior or martyr complex.

This, so much this.
Christians are dangerous and reject the rights of most minorities, be it POCs, genderqueer, MAPs. etc. The only reason Islam is believed to be opposed to homosexuality is because of Christian crusader influence on it.
POC and Muslim lives are at stake too.
The only thing they want in the west is a better life for them and their families. It is a fact that Muslim refugees and immigrants commit virtually no crimes, and no terror attacks.
As a Jewish person, I feel obligrated for defend my fellow POCs, as they fight the same ennemy we did back in 1939.
Muslims are nowhere near as violent as Trump supporters and Christian extremists.

>As a Jewish person

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>others are worse
...and? You defending religion that has "kill the gays" in its immutable holy book is still ridiculous.

Your antisemitism is showing sweetie.
Stop reading Q-user conspiracies.
Islam doesn't says Gays should be killed because Islam is a religion of peace.
Therefore any non-peaceful form of "Islam" cannot be Islam.

>Islam is a religion of peace.
Ok, I got got. 6/10, but no more (you)s.

>Your antisemitism is showing sweetie.

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>reject the rights of most minorities, be it POCs, genderqueer, MAPs
opinion disregarded, also those groups are not comparable. Pedophilia, while maybe not a choice, is incredibly detrimental to victims of those who have it(read: CHILDREN), unlike those other groups, which don't have inherent danger to others attached to that attribute that classifies them as part of a minority group.

It is.
Islam literally means "peace", stop being ignorant and read a book.
Wow, let's unpack this.
You think Jews deserved being treated like that by Christians, when all they did was live peacefully and respect the customs of their host country?
I literally can't even, what you are saying is so problematic.
You think they should be expelled just because they lived there, let that sink in.
Yahweh, there is so much bigotry on this site...

No I think they should be expelled because of their lgbthobia.
Just as I think the christians should be expelled because of their lgbthobia.
Just as I think the muslims should be expelled because of their lgbthobia
This world has moved beyond the need for outdated and barbaric "ethics" from a bunch of smelly hebrews from 1000BCE.
The future is now.

No, let's instead pack you and then send to "peaceful" Yemen.

We need a society of atheist enlightened thinkers with a 0.5 birth rate. Science and reason should be law, unscientific people are backwards.

Wow, just wow.
You are evil, comparing peaceful pro-LGBTQIA+ islam and bigoted Christianity.
Yemenis love Jews and Israel so I wouldn't see the issue, I am sure I would be treated better than them than I would be by Drumpf supporters.

>You are evil
How can I be evil if I fight evil?
This does not compute, therefore you must be a liar.

We Jews see honesty and truth as the most important thing, so no.
Lying and Jewishness are literally antinomical.

>Lying and Jewishness are literally antinomical.
Yet here you are, on the internet, spreading lies.
This does not compute.