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Ok pedo

not hairy 40yos = pedo i guess

I think frotting is the most underrated sex act. I like to kiss and frot simultaneously

Actually it's pedo thread because you made it that early

Wait for sissy to instruct you on this

ok bicel

not my thread but early threads are ultrabased

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100% agreed

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Every single poster on ftmg has sucked multiple dicks
How do you feel about straight women claiming to be men?

Even worse than regular heterosexuals, since normal breeders at least know their place and don't try to larp as us

my erdos number is 3 btw
am i devious. i think i am

i couldve gotten maybe 2, which is the lowest you can get if i stayed in academia and not went mental

for those unfamiliar

i mean i still could in theory. or even without me doing anything. i still have some results with my supervisor unpublished and she is 2. but it'd to be her and my results and a 1, which are rare to find because erdos is dead. he is 0

life was good enough in 2004
the tech was good enough back then too
we still wanted to socialize and hang out and nobody was glued to their phones or computers

reminder that mihai is larping as a guy who died in 2012

The muscles tightening under you while you grind is unique.

I wish you could post videos here. I wanted to be a menace last thread and send a video of me ejaculating when that guy asked to see my physique but you have to fucking convert it all to webm and remove sound and there’s limits on file size. Absolutely third world. Terrible website. Just realised i probably could have just uploaded the videos to a website and shared the link so here you go.

Its not as funny now because the moment passed but at the time i was cracking up at the thought of it. I hope it brings you similar amusement. Im gonna start doing this on Any Forums whenever someone is asking to see my physique

>Wish I could post videos here

>cum all over the floor
why are phimosis fags so revolting? would still breed you tho

gonna wank to this tmrw :3