Look what you did, /tttt/

look what you did, /tttt/

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fucking kek'd

Why did she break down?Wouldn't those people just answer: "An adult human female that is only romantically and sexually attracted to other adult human females"?


>Harris, who is a lesbian, was distressed by the exchange, and the judge called for a short adjournment. Gibbon later apologised if he had “raised something inadvertently upsetting”. Harris said: “I’m going to speak for millions of lesbians around the world who are lesbians because we love other women … We will not be erased and we will not have any man with a penis tell us he’s a lesbian because he feels he is.”

>it's real

>breaks down
>seen here cackling

>Why did she break down?
Because she is a woman.
She wasn't "distressed", she was putting on a "victim" facade in order for women and male feminists to pity her.
For a bunch of people that want to be women, you aren't really good at understanding women and manipulation tactics.
You have to wait for a man to mansplain it to you...

>ascribing cishet women behavior to a lesbian
Nah she just is legitimately suffering from TDS.

Dangerously (literally) based.

i want to physically see her hair mald

The lesbians in the LGB Alliance are mostly political lesbians other than Bailey

It's even better than this, her entire line of rhetoric up until that point was that lesbians aren't attracted to penis and therefore anyone attracted to trans women was not a lesbian and therefore they were not discriminating against either trans women attracted to women or lesbians attracted to them....

Then the opposing lawyer was like "you know that trans women can have SRS, right?" and she started bawling.
LGBA have been shitting themselves throughout this case really badly, contradicted themselves, revealing their entire charity work is based on conspiracy theories and that they've been lying about their source, not to mention that they've claimed multiple high-profile LGBA members are no longer associated with the charity (despite them literally representing them the day before) because they know they can't defend their extremist statements. They might still win this though, every major institution has their back, including the EHRC and the media is not going to report the ways they've owned themselves anyway.

Maybe the one on the right, but the one on the left clearly has whatever the name for female gayface is.

It's called "being ugly"

If pretty men are a thing then handsome women are a thing

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neo-vagina is just a mutilated penis

holy kek

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Why do TERFs and conservatives still push this "there are only two sexes" thing, are they purposefully ignoring intersex people or are they just stupid

That is Bev Jackson, here's her stating that she chose to be a lesbian, and doesn't identify as bisexual despite being attracted to both men and women.

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They're libertarian, but only when it's convenient and involves things they're interested in, like guns. They can't understand it and make no effort to, so they hate it.

sex essentialism is the religion of western society

Handsome women are a thing, they're just not handsome.
Because they don't actually believe what they're saying, they're just saying whatever they have to to hurt trans people and this case is a perfect example of it. They spent the first half claiming that trans healthcare is conversion therapy that 'transes away the gay' and that attacking a trans charity and campaigning against trans rights fell within their 'charitable' aim of fighting for gay rights, because it was a direct threat to gay youth.... Then spent the second half claiming that there's no such thing as gay youth and no one can know their sexuality before 18. They've used BOTH of these taking points previously to argue against trans right/healthcare/legal recognition, it does not matter to them that the two positions are incompatible, because they don't care about the positions themselves, just the end goal t allows them to work towards (the removal of transgender people from public life).

>Nooo you can't just define your own sexuality even though you identify and are legally recognised as a woman and are exclusively attracted to women, you calling yourself a lesbian is ERASING real lesbians
>I may be attracted to men but I chose to say I'm a lesbian and don't you dare erase me
Julie Bindel is a political lesbian too and does this same shit. It's always the political lesbians trying to gate keep lesbianism because of insecurity.

As it happens, many of the original political lesbians such as Bindel are directly affiliated with the LGB Alliance

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Yeah, there's a reason for that.

> I’m more fem than she ever was
> according to her logic, women should be more attracted to me than her
why are terfs always the cishons?

Because they feel more threatened by trans women than women who mog them