Things are spiralling out of control

a bimbofied teacher being a women in front of teens

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I honestly think there is a reasonable chance this person will get lynched for gigahonmodding in front of kids

Will be interesting to see how the media reacts to it

the least you could do is check the catalog

How have the kids not harrased her out of the classroom yet. It's fucking wood shop literally everyone in my woodshop classes were right wing retards.

Well at the very least it will be a media Shit show for a week or two

Blue hoodie got an erection and is having an existential crisis. He's mentally in a realm of shame dusgust and confusion

they don't want to be expelled or arrested for hate speech

what is the thought process of someone who chooses to do this?
this board is full of boymoders and bddshits that are terrified of girlmoding but i have no insight into why hons do this or what they think they're even doing

I wish I was in that classroom. I'm want to watch these kids react. This almost live slideshow is not enough i require more

Teens? They look 30

he probably thinks he's the hottest milf those boys have ever seen

they don't want to get cancelled by an online hate mob or ostracized by their woke peers - doing that might ruin their future

well clearly they've seen some shit

>he probably thinks he's the hottest milf those boys have ever seen

I think seeing all the estroganized trannies here has warped your perception of what the average person looks like at different ages...

I would have lost it and done everything I could to label this person as fake trans. I would have defended myself to my absolute maximum capacity. Little repper me might have even killed this man.

>label this person as fake trans
nope, she is as valid and cute as any other transwomen out there. its law. there is no such thing as "fake trans" anymore.

user only the black guy has any facial hair and it's just Stache these kids are most likely grade 11


Come on now. They are teenagers and have been jerking it to porn for years already. Some probably have already have sex.

Why are americans unable to consider things with graduality and sense? It's all absolutes with them

Don't care I would have just murdered her then for making trans ppl look bad and making feel like I can never transition. Kid sitting behind blue hoodie will rep till he's 30 for this and then maybe just sui

It's still a non sexual place and they should condemn anyone who tries to make it one by wearing z cup fake tits

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