How do I stop hair loss

how do I stop hair loss
I am 19 why is my hairline so receded already wtf

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Unironically estrogen us the most effective hairbrecovery method but if that's not what you want to hear let's be real it is posted this on /gayppl for a reason)
Cold showers
Paraben and sulfate free shampoo

dutasteride is more effective than finasteride btw

Aren't the side effects worse?

these plus proper nutrition and shorter showers in addition to cold showers

I would take estrogen if it didn't make me grow boobs and give me ED, but thanks for all the other things
on a sidenote how do I make my skin younger and softer (without estrogen)
I hate some effects of testosterone but estrogen would bring more unwanted effects than wanted

if your hairline is in fact strongly receded at this age (show pic?), don't take finasteride, your balding is too aggressive, don't waste your time and start from at least dutasteride. the earlier and stronger balding starts, the more powerful medicines you need, your androgen receptors collect extreme amounts of dihydrotestosterone and you need protection as strong as possible.

tretinoin, also enhances hair growth promoting effects of minoxidil if you decide to use it, minoxidil itself is shit, it needs to be converted to minoxidil sulfate by sulfotransferase enzyme which you could even have problems with naturally


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Blonde cutie wearing a wig :^)

mine is a strong M shape, like a III or worse
also I'm confused why the hell everyone has different opinions on what to use, is none of it proven?

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literally every man in my family is bald btw

you'd be better off dutasteride indeed then
the effectiveness of finasteride, dutasteride, minoxidil, antiandrogens and estrogen is well-proven, the rest is an addition with minor effects or just a meme

>Minoxidil (5mg Topical or 2.5mg Oral, oral is systemic and can cause hair growth elsewhere + cardiovascular issues)
>Finasteride/Dutasteride (1mg should be enough, beyond then, it's diminishing returns/no further effect)
>Microneedling w/Dermapen (1.5mm depth w/ 16 needle cartridges, I do mine monthly because of sensitive skin)
>Redensyl (idk about this one but can't hurt to add)

If not MTF and worried about sexual function:
>Topical Pyrilutamide or Finasteride instead of oral Fin/Dut

The sooner you start, the better. Most recent hairloss can be reversed, recent being within the last 5~ years or so. Things like nutrition, sleep and stress management are important too. Try to stop smoking if you smoke etc.

You're probably just too tensed up at your scalp.
This is the case for 70-80% of male pattern baldness.
Routine standardized messages and possible microneedling (only on separate days) is showing great potential to combat hairloss in the category of male pattern baldness.
Google "perfect hair health"

snake oil moment

>Everyone shilling literal HRT for fucking hairloss
>You can do messages for literally $0 at home
>Somehow this is the snake oil

hrt isnt snake oil for hair loss, its just retarded if you aren't a troon bc youll get tits and stuff

I never said it was snake oil, but to imply that $0 massages at home are is just ridiculous given the advice to HRT in this thread

prayer is $0 too and will provide the same results as massage (placebo)

>perfect hair health
just take at look at the website and say that again.
Who's paying you to shill HRT?