How can i find an irl friend group that will accept me as a twinkhon...

how can i find an irl friend group that will accept me as a twinkhon? and also has boys that i can flirt with while also having gay people this is important im tired of being lonely and only having online friends it’s time to grow up and get some irl friends

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art school

i’m not artistic and i’m majoring in psych

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This is something I'm considering trying myself but haven't before so I can't say how good an idea this is yet
I'm gonna try and join irl dnd get together, it will be a lot of cringe but I think I might be able to find some other friendly queers who maybe wanna start our own private party/dnd group


>mfw I know a pooner who looks exactly like that picrel (in a cute blonde twinkpassoid way) but he's taken
The absolute pain and tragedy.
If you're in college, join the lgbt orgs, even if they arent your vibes, you may find one or two people there who you click with and then grow your social circle from there through their friends. Or use meetups. There are even people who use tinder to find friends. I'm not even trans but now half my friends are, because I met one ftm from a lgbt meetup, who then introduced me to an mtf functioning as some kind of social butterfly crossed with a social hub as she introduces tons of people to each other

This what I see user
The straight male could transition and pass but he is not trans and believes he will regret it.

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i'm not either, i just lucked out in befriending someone in art school
i think the best way to do it would be to find a discord with a core interest of yours (video games for example) that is adjacently lgbt and bond over said interest rather than having the interest itself be lgbt

according to the artist, your boymoder is nb afab, idk and eva are cisf but pretty close lol

idk is cisbi and eva is like asexual i think?

anyway, i’m trying to make irl friends rn i’m ok on online friends, i just want to talk to people face to face because i think it’s healthy and i haven’t had an irl friend in 5 years since i dropped out of hs

>idk is cisbi and eva is like asexual i think?
possibly, i believe the two on top are dating but idk anything past that

idk, irl friends are difficult for me too, i just lucked out with my online friends being nearby
but still, find a common interest to build around, hiking, tennis, book club, whatever. that way you can bond around that and use it as filler conversation to help interaction

>haven’t had an irl friend in 5 years
only 5?

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i’m 21, i can count the number of people i hung out with outside of school after puberty on one hand

Wait, it recording people spouting off drunken nonsense common?
I can’t tell if they’re laughing with him or at him.

I can't
because there are none

i’m not trying to dick measure, i’m just saying i’m lonely and i want to fix it. it’s unhealthy to not have irl friends imo. when i’m 22 i wanna have a close friend group. that’s my number one goal

they’re doing both desu

Fuck that

sorry, idk what's wrong with me
I want the same thing, but idk what to do either

I will never have this

we will someday user, we just have to try to find it

achieving this is the one piece

it’s real