Spoilers are out

Spoilers are out.
It's Hayasaka's final chapter.

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I love Hayasaka.

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Post the text spoilers.

> pulls hair back
Who's the lucky sob who's gonna get sockd?

Ok, this seems a quite funny chapter but for the most wrong reasons, just like the last one. I guess kaguya managed to get back at making laugh at least

We love Hayasaka

Who is this?
Not prez right?

Nah, she's just going back to her OG hairstyle.

Ishigami, right?

I don't have the texts.
Tbh this spoilers dump it's garbage.
Don't blame you if anyone wants to do a better dump in other thread, just ignore this.

Is this a timeskip?

There was a timeskip?

From the OnK thread:

>辉夜大小姐 266话 标题 早坂爱的最终回
Kaguya-sama 276: Ai Hayasaka's final chapter
Hayasaka Ai around the world.
Ishigami wants to go to Shirogane's company, but because of his poor grades, there is a possibility that he'll fail to graduate from university.
Shinomiya has finally been promoted from assistant to photographer.
Tanuma Kashiwagi gave birth to a son named Maki.
Fujiwara is running for Congress.

A pretty big one, yes.
At this pace we WILL have a final chapter for their wedding.

I mean, Miko is drunk in a pic, meaning she's at least 21. Fujiwara is also wearing a suit.

>Tanuma Kashiwagi gave birth to a son named Maki.

Looks like squid but is a chair kek

>Tanuma Kashiwagi gave birth to a son named Maki.
My sides are in orbit

This chapter is fun because it means absolutely nothing happened between ishigami and miko for 3-4 years despite being close together for that long.
Aka loves taking a huge shit on this couple.

Also there's a good chance we'll meet maki's bf soonish.

Kek, this manga will keep being a sad joke till the end.
Thanks for the spoilers

Did they skip the IshiMiko development then? I’d assume they’re together if it’s years later.

holy mother of bad endings

Yeah, but at least she will also get cucked

Aka skipped basically everything about ishigami love life except the sad/edgy moments nobody gave a shit about. What did you expect?

Not like this...nice Korbo btw

I just noticed Miko is sitting on some guy.

Meanwhile, the anime team keeps baiting the poor shippers.

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Thirdyear sequel bros... Not like this...


how will people remember the Kaguya manga after it ends?

>skip ahead to shit all ovr sequelfags
>year one prequel still untouched and unexplored
Imagine no Ishigami, no miko, tons of momo and cooler prez.

>...man I sure wish it had ended after the festival

>cooler prez
Wasn't he hated by his peers for whatever reason?

We still don't know what the fuck happened between prez and the second (then third) years during the elections.

The same way people remember Death Note and Shokugeki no Souma. Great first half, unnecessary mediocre second half.
It also BTFO'd the college sequelfags, because he just skipped that part too. It's Juliet all over again.