Gookshin impact anime announced

>gookshin impact anime announced
>no sticky

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Stickies usually appear when something tragic happened in anime industry. Oh wait...

Who fucking cares about Chinkshit

Why are chinkshit gachafags always the loudest screechers


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I hope it gets stickied. Moeshit killed and mutilated anime might as well have an open casket.
"Let them see what they did to my boy"


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I will now watch your anime but I prefer Hu Tao.

>side characters appearing for 30 seconds max each

>user talking out of his ass as usual
Or are you one of those 'it's not archon so it might as well not exist' retards?


Looking forward to seeing Klee's summer vacation animated

Why is it tragic though? Say it out loud, blame the moeshitters!

can't argue with that

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Chinkshit is not anime.


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chinkIMITATION is not moe. moe is a japanese invention

Samidarebros ...

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>Japan animating a story that is doing a direct and unveiled attack against the US-led globohomo system

Maybe Japan is still alright. Just dont come to school when the Fatui rebellion happens.

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Japan IS globohomo, and weebs are groomers.

I feel obliged to remind you genshin players of Any Forums that Hushit (rus. хукал, хукало) is by far the worst character of that game and also a canonical troon.

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Putin banner when?

Incestbros... We won.

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Permanent in Russia