Genshin anime

Who is to blame for this? Well at the very least it's made by Ufotable se we can expect good animation

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Her time will come.

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>Dogshit story the animation
Oh no no no no not like this

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My harem

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Not anime.

Can't wait to see Mai Shogun animated.

They better go with Lumine MC.

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Ufotable, holy shit all the money people have sunk into this game is going into some of the best animation out there. Just what kind of fights do they have planned my lord. Fk me I cant wait

I hope my cute wife Ei gets animated.

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>Any Forums will be flooded by genshin generals that hit bump limit once an hour
It's over.

The anime better have lots of Bennett.

Can't wait to clutter the catalog with abandoned generals

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>ufotable anime with a practically unlimited budget
This is going to be good

What are the chances we'll see the manga story adapted?

Out of many animation studios, we got the most GOAT animation studio ever. This is truly a godsend.

>Cheldtard escaped containment

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someone give me a summary of the story of "genshit impact" and how will it be convert to anime

Does it have a good story like FFXIV or is it utterly shit?

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Why does Ufotable insist on adapting shit games like Fate and Genshin?

FF14 story is shit, Genshin's story is worse than shit

>Who is to blame for this?
No one. Genshin is simply getting the treatment it deserves and Any Forums will forever seethe because of it.

So what BD bonus are we to expect? Can't be skins because clearly Mihoyo thinks GI is too good for them.

>a good story like FFXIV

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this is my revenge against all the shounenspics and narutards who took over