Is Any Forums retarded (or at least One Piece fans here)?

Luffy's dream will obviously be some liberator bs and wanting everyone to be free. So why do I keep reading his dream is a gag like wanting endless meat and parties :D? What is wrong with you?

Oda obviously treats it like a big deal. Enough so that he is retconning Luffy's behavior of the last 20 years into him just forgetting to ever tell anyone about his REAL dream. He clearly wants to leave a deeper and more serious legacy behind with One Piece than initially planned now that he worked on it his whole life.

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This board also thought Yamato would join and blamed translators for Jinbei's cringy TED talk about racism, so there is that.

Wishful thinking maybe, i.e. coping

Oda clearly doesnt like one piece anymore, he wanted to write more samurai shit

one piece was good when it was apolitical and just about silly adventures

>Luffy's dream will obviously be [conclusion I leapt to]

>Is Any Forums retarded
>(or at least One Piece fans here)?
didn't read

Isn't his dream being pirate king? Wat

It's what One Piece is about since the timeskip and the writing is literally on the wall/teddy. What do you think this Nikka shit is about?

In any way, nothing is more unlikely than it just being some food gag or Luffy wanting to explore fucking space, which for some reason people keep bringing up too.

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So for 3 or maybe 4 arcs? Retard

His Dream is a Moon landing
Only the pirate king could pull it off because the WG would cuck anyone else
It's a stupid idea only a kid could think of

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Do spacetards have any argument for their retarded theory?

I had an epiphany at the exact moment I read the OP. Clearly my clairvoyance would never lead me wrong.

Will be turned into wanting everyone else to be as free as the pirate king for the last year of One Piece because that's why. Just like rubber fruit was turned into God fruit after 25 years. And the villains are now Bible thumpers with angel clones.

This happens when a man has a midlife crisis and wants to be remembered as someone wise and intellectual

>And the villains are now Bible thumpers with angel clones
wait what

>So why do I keep reading his dream is a gag like wanting endless meat and parties :D?
because most people react by laughing at it, retard. "wanting everybody to be free" doesn't warrant that reaction

New Pacifistas that are clones of real humans with religious themes. Basically the edgy shit you see in every JRPG.

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>because most people react by laughing at it, retard.
They don't, you blind subhuman and average manga reader.

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one piece kinda stopped being unpredictable, desu. it will be something lame

the old pacifistas weren't clones of a real human with religious themes?

>9 strawhats + Shanks, Ace and Sabo
>Shanks Ace and Sabo all laughed
>Brook, Franky, and Sanji are clearly laughing
>chopper is smiling widely, Robin has a faint smile
>this tips it above 6/12
>conclusion: most people react by laughing
get rekt fag