Dragon Ball Super

Why does Chichi not love her husband?

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How do I defeat Piccolo?

Imagine being married to THIS.

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You can't, Bejita.

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Your brain has been shattered beyond repair by OUR HERO, Shitjitapig.


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No one could love a diaper wearing retard.

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...But enough about Bejita. He sucks pacifiers too.

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Not marrying HUNGcolo was her biggest mistake after TARDku died to Cell.

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Because it makes Goku feel like an actual character which Toriyama doesn't want for some reason.

Chi-Chi was always the only character who called Goku out on his selfish bullshit but the story just laughs her off as a shrew.

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Goku became a Skater and Chi-Chi can't love a delinquent skater.

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Alright its time to jet. Give me your best running gifs

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>my retarded melodrama telenovela bullshit that doesn't fit into the tone and style of Dragon Ball at all would totally make Goku a better character!
Thank fuck you will never write for anything.

piccolo has no genitals

I don't need to run.

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>Because [I have cuck fantasies]

>>Because [I have cuck fantasies]
How so?

...but enough about Jiren.

>inb4 reee, not canon!
If it happened in anime contintuity, it happened in the series.

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So Goku canonically almost died to Krillin throwing a rock at him?

>Mom, OP's projecting his faggot cuckold fantasies again!

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>Last thing he thinks about are the Z fighters not his "wife"

Beerusbros.. why?

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You are fantasizing about a wife not loving her husband

My point being people are extremely autistic over what constitutes as "canon" and what isn't.

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>You are fantasizing
Canon is not fantasy.

Scholars, it is high time we do something about OP. I suggest we BETRAY and TRAP him.

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Not canon. Actively goes against canon.
Cope. Kisslesskurat.

It's simple really. Anything not made by Toriyama? Not canon.

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See? Do you fucking SEE?



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You're a mindbroken retard.

And how do you know, autist? It happened in an animated spin-off of the manga.

Toyotaro got his start from drawing a DB doujin. Oh wait, you'll go ahead and dismiss his career as not canon too.

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>Thank fuck you will never write for anything.

Goku was shown to love his family in his own way and has done countless selfless things for people he doesn't even know (Bora) in the original series.

Toriyama hated that people viewed Goku as a "righteous hero" so he's trying to write him as a sociopath.

In the DBS manga, he talks shit about Gohan behind his back and seems to view Chi-Chi as nothing but an annoyance.

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