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inb4 deleted


go back to your containment general genshitter


>genshin is officially Any Forums

>genshin impact getting a anime
Wew lad

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No. We're relevant to Any Forums now. We're here forever.

China WON

This shit will have an insane budget won’t it?

Genshin is Any Forums now, cope.

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>studio that singlehandedly saved kimetsu with sakuga
Genshinbros, we fucking won

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invading another board

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Claiming this board for my wife, Eula Lawrence

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Okay post the lolis now
I only care about the lolis
not bad

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this will end the who traveler is canon debate

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Any Forums related now baby. Claim your waifu.

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is this game incest?

For me, it's ZhongTao and YanTao.

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The only video game a play anymore, hell yeah.


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Did someone say lolis?

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Anime of the decade?

For me it's Nahida

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Its fucking over

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We've had enough of Rika

Kill yourselves gensharts

It's over


They confirmed they were inspired by Yosuga no Sora
Even one of the main character is named Sora

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it's over chuds, we're taking over your board now

It's a fucking long term project based on Ufotable's tweet

Oh no no no fatekeks, they're stealing your studio

Play princess connect and watch the anime

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My shogun

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Nah, Mihoyo doesn't spend that much on anime as evident by cooking with valk and ELF academy. They make too much money on the game without relying on nips like Azur Lane.

Ay where my Eulerbros at

More generic moeshit. this is what you get for allowing isekai and moeshit and other low effort anime to fester. anime is dead

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imagine if rikahida's groundhog day part in the story made it into the anime


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But Any Forums is my homeboard...

Any Forums will get vengeance

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how the FUCK is a genshin anime even supposed to work bros? there's too many characters/plot/places to fit in 12 episodes


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>20 wishes
20 wishes
>20 wishes
20 wishes
>20 wishes
20 wishes
>20 wishes
20 wishes
>20 wishes
20 wishes

How old is this creature?

Where's Kokomi

I masturbated to one of your characters but i forgot the name


I guess it'd be best to filter genshin right now huh

my maidwife

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Holy shit are they animating the entire main story?

I'd take this over the cybershill 2077 netflix shit

I'm going to post /u/ on every genshin thread I see

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>animate Archon quest as regular series
>non-Archon stuff as OVA, specials, movies

About 10 years old

I mean they are a billion dollar company that’s are huge weebs, I’m 100% sure they can make it work

claiming my cute wife Shenhe now

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You think they'll just stop at one season?

If course you do you fucking moetranny chink

Both are retard. Male being the MC means female is the Abyss princess which is actually better for the story.

Hi Any Forums!

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now we can post the good loli lewds and openly proclaim our love for cunny here without being afraid of being banned by /vg/'s faggot jannies

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The story is boring though

This board's going to be a complete shitshow for the next few days.

I can't fucking wait for this to come out.

cope. we Any Forums now.

Genshin has a lot of deep lore, they could do prequels and sidestories

Probably 50+ but a kid in elf years

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It's not as if Mihoyo needs the BD sales to keep them afloat. They can burn that money instead given how much they earn.

On topic Venti post on Any Forums!

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It's time to do some "cleansing" in this shounenshitter board.

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Hope it's a collection of side stories, canon MC arguements will be insufferable if they adapt main story.

I don't care about what stories they adapt, all I want is to see my boys animated

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play tof

This is a real ad

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They got a lot better as of recent with Sumeru

yurifags are cucks

lol. they'll cover the costs with one character gacha

>Genshin Anime
>not anime
>Solo Leveling Anime
>not anime
>Arknights Anime
>not anime
>Kizuna Ai Anime
>not anime

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What a waste of talent. Genshin's main story is below average. The only good thing about this project is that they can cut 90% of the superfluous dialogue that plagues the game and make it more tolerable.

God, Dottore's design is so hot. But I can't be bothered to try starting the game and the rest of the characters seem completely unappealing and samefaced...

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>You can post genshin on Any Forums
Any Forums in shambles.

>Fatefags, Demon Slayer toddlers and Genshit twitter are going to form an alliance
what have they done

is over

Genshin won

It's not going to be one season.

the only reason i'm hyped about the anime are boob bounce animations

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here's the stream Any Forums bwos

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going on a date with sister and holding hands with her

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I know nothing about the franchise except that one hentai video where a wizard girl pleases a fat old man for money, I think she was called Mona or something.

Any Forums lost...

Inazuma storyline and shogunbot was 100% shounenshit though

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Doujins when?

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So who's going to be MC?

They better do a better job on the script than they did on the game, else it will be just another shitty gacha trash anime.

I prefer old hags past menopause like Dori tbhdesu

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god i hate Ufotable, couldnt they get KyoAni?

Will we see Mona's delicious thighs?

Any Forums in 2023:
>Azur Lane
CCP... I kneel...

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my useless EEEQEEE wife

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Genshin bitches are hot.

>jean and diluc still haven't fucked
I slsep

Granblue Fantasy style, just focus on the main story and relegate the side stuff to special episodes.

between rean's anime and genshit, which will cause the most damage to Any Forums?

On the topic of Genshin, rate my Hu Tao bros.

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>Calling all chelds. Commence operation

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they can just adapt a side story for some of the stuff that's only mentioned in books and so on

Genshin is full of yuri. Even if they go with male Traveller.

she's actually a child. Same age as mondstadt children based on her character story.

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>another /fotm/ show
name one good game adaptation show by ufo, ill say GE but im just a sucker for the series

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Probably the archon quest with maybe some extra stuff thrown in

It's our board now Any Forumskeks

Just adapt it as cute girls and boys doing cute things, like the gacha swords anime whatever it's called.

a couple billion in revenue every 6 months gives you the freedom to contract who you want, i guess

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>both lumine and aether shown being together
might just play before the game

based me

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It's over. (for anime)

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hehe... time to "crawl" into another board... hehe...

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I never thought I would see the day where I would have to say "chinese cartoons" and actually mean it.

Hi Any Forums

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Hi Any Forums!

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It’s over

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Lumine is the canon anime MC because that means we get more Aoi Yuki talking.

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That ship sank over a year ago user...

It's time bros, predict the OP and ED singer

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Jannies will delete this thread only to create their own one that will get stickied.

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if only they adopted GE2
that's the best game of the franchise
3 might as well not exist due to how detach it was

The new chads of Any Forums.

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Main story is, until Inazuma. But character quests are good. We'll see.

>chinese IP gets an anime adaptation
How is this allowed? I thought the nips hated the chinks?

I can't wait to see "him" on Any Forums



Genshin by far, unironically
/gig/ on /vg/ is basically 100% normalfaggots

>long term project
what the fuck
what bizzaro world have I gotten into
I don't mind, though

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I call her yaka because the slang for throwing up is Yak and her name is Ayaka. Yaka is the combinaion of the words Yak and her name. Plus it sounds like yuck, perfect for a gross and ugly girl that makes you want to throw up. Fun fact; yaka is hillichurlian for ugly.

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>female protagonistfags about to get rekt again

>honkai on the brain 24/7
rent free

Any Forums gay hehehehehe

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No one hates cute girls and money,

You forgot Arknights.

They needed to fix the trade deficit

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Which genshit has the best feet

Bro, "he" is originally from Any Forums.

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>even ufo knelt to chink


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Money talks

This is far from the first time this happened you zoomer newfag

I only know Genshin because of Mona slime and Venti tbqh

>thread police larp
truly a trait of newfags. many many such cases

Nice board, Any Forums.

Mind if I take it?

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「HE」is already on Any Forums though. Pretty sure he either come from here of Any Forums.

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Fatebros... I don't feel so good.

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Inazuma was shit, because they need to release Raiden asap.
It felt like those LN anime adaptations where things just happen one after another without breaks.

Name ONE video game anime adaptation that wasn't complete trash.

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Stopped playing the game but still watching the anime.

It's pretty good now

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Satoko a shit

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genshin getting desperate, thinking the anime is going to save the ip

Kusaloli will surely appear right?

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Asians all pretend to hate each other but business is way more important.

I can't wait for monafish to be animated canon

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It's dead jim, let it go.

You know both of them are a bit special, they both had pet turtles

Bisoku Zenshin.

Male. Aoi Yuuki as evil demon princess sister is going to be great.

>genshin impact anime ends up outselling the grub
this is what we deserve for not making a Djeeta season.

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genshin on my nippon board?
oy vey shut it down!

I welcome all the anime only new friends to enjoy our selection of waifus.

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turututtu turututtu

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