ITT: Name a good modern tsundere

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*Name a good modern worst girl

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>tsundere le bad
low T faggot

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>modern tsundere
Doesn't exist

Tsundere archetype is dead

Remorseful tsunderes are my favorite.

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KoiKimo had the last good one.
They don' make the headstrong, no-nonsense protagonist with the rapechad love interest any more like they used to.

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If you're implying that taiga is a good one, then you're deadly wrong. Taiga is a shit, a shit.

He said modern

Modern tsundere doesn't mean NEW tsundere.

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yes but isn't modern tsundere just the ones always hitting the MC

That's an oxymoron.
Tsunderes are trash.

>Liking girl that HATES you
You have parental issues.

>that HATES you

Eris Boreas Greyrat

>A variation of the tsundere personality type which has the tsundere character switch between hostile and lovestruck personalities often, which is in contrast to the classic tsundere type where the change is gradual and permanent.
Modern Tsundere are never good. The trope is a joke.

boku no pico


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Iori is an analdere


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