Would you forgive used goods in isekai user?

Would you forgive used goods in isekai user?

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Yes. I will "forgive" her, chinaman-style.

I would keep them as side girls and marry a virgin. Win-win, no?

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Only Mylene-sama

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100% wool

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Claune the cute

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Only correct answer.
Sluts can be concubines at most.

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Dragon loli

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used goods is the only thing I get in reallife
so yes

Lastly dryads

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used goods status is a requirement for me, I don't like inexperienced/innocent girls, I want sluts with high body count

What is this archetype called and what the fuck was the author thinking?

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sluts needs to know their actual worth.

As long as the girl isnt a slut and is faithful I don care, I dont have a blood fetish


Bitches and whores.