I will not pay rent this month or any month

I will not pay rent this month or any month.
Problem? Are you mad? Frustrated even?

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Then pay with your blood!


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I'm just going to snatch you and leave you under a bridge then.

And I'm gonna pick you up where user left you.

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In my shithole country we have groups of very friendly people ™ not affiliated with any kind of state armed forces that quickly take care of situations like this in under 24h for a reasonable fee, feels great to be better than mighty Japan in some ways.

no man alive could pull the trigger on this face, try again

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You will make a fine soup then

Then I'll hire a woman.

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Women can't resist her either. You have no recourse but to submit.

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I'll pull another kind of "trigger".

I will put her mana crystal on a high shelf and tease her until she pays up. I love my cute gremlin daughterwife.

She can pay me with anal sex

i will spank your ass and rape it if you turn into your adult self, missy

You'll direct a 2 season original anime series about an edgy teenage hero rebelling against oppressive conformist authority?

That falls apart in the second half, don't forget that.

Her employer and her landlord were sisters. I still don't know why they wouldn't just subtract rent from her paycheck

second half?

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Suddenly, little Jahy wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself surrounded by fat ugly bastards undoing their pants. Then Jahy sees Landlady leaning on a wall, counting money.

kys fag

I don't pay renbts either because I own my house.

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You pay rents to the government.