So listen, Bedivere. I was just in Japan getting railed by a high school student a second ago

>so listen, Bedivere. I was just in Japan getting railed by a high school student a second ago
>yeah sure your majesty

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>what the fuck is a japan?

>I think you're losing too much blood, sire.

>Well...whatever that is, I hope it was pleasant my lord.

>Btw make sure you toss my sword into the lake. You won't like me to get h cup breasts would you?

>o-of course nit, sire, who would want that? haha
>though imagine what would you look like with huge breasts
>wouldn't it be funny? haha

>My King, I would kindly ask of you from now on to stop drinking those potions Merlin makes. The beverage is making you too dizzy and aloof.

>Oh wait! I almost forgot. Teach the irish to cultivate something other than potatoes.

>....potatoes? My king I have never heard of such a king? MY KING??

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>Oeddech chi'n gwybod, os ydw i'n tynnu llinyn fy ngwallt o ben fy mhen, fy mod i'n troi i mewn i fy ymyl a hunan ddrwg? Sit mwyaf doniol dwi erioed wedi gwneud.

>I swear to god Bedivere, RETURN THE SWORD TO THE LAKE, This is an order from your KING. Promise me, PROMISE ME NOW!

god i hate the welsh so fucking much

>I'm sorry my lord, I think I'm losing you. I can't make out what you're saying, Toss your sword where? Into a Cake?

>tell those assholes in glastonbury not to appropriate my death for tourism

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Did Excalibur come from a rock or a lake?


The lake. The sword in the stone is a different sword.

pic related

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Does it matter? That's all there was to find in early medieval Albion.

In fate. Most stories are one or the other and the sword is called Excalibur regardless. The lake appeared in newer renditions. Caliburn is literally the latin name of the same sword.

Eeh, but quora told me it was Clarent.