How did he do it????

how did he do it????

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Why was this page in particular meme'd to death? I mean the average Bleach page is 90% white space already anyway.

Because unlike most run of the mill shounen series, this one had heart

wipe your ass

They can't keep getting away with it.

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That would be a good use for this page.

this isn't HxH

This is the actual best page in Bleach

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Correct. And?

And wipe your ass.

With this page of Bleach, sure.

Bleach comes in bottles and I wouldn't recommend wiping your ass with it.

This page will do.

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It was predicted weeks beforehand on Any Forums

What the fuck is this art

it wasn't

Is this the new "touch some grass"?

>Bleach comes in bottles
Bleach is shitty regardless of whether anyone wipes his ass with it, but we can still accept the manga exists.

You're confusing Bleach with your ass. Wipe it.

Who did their "Heart' moment better?

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>You're confusing Bleach with your ass
You flatter Bleach too much.

unironically Kubo

Bleach is by definition clean. Unlike your ass. Wipe it.

No. This is the BleaChad version where you get burned when you flush because we BLEACHED all the toilets

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