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I can't believe Netflix fucking won.

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What happened at Netflix? They've been way too based lately.

Just waiting until they wrap their tentacles around anime with you retards supporting and watching it on their platform. They will not stop with what they have now and will influence and destroy anime too.

You cannot expect artistic integrity from a company that is infested by SJW's and look everything through lens of race, "queerness" and sex (oops, that's a bad word for them, "gender"):

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What is this movie?

I believe this what you kids call "kino".

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fuck off schizo. they are making some fire anime while Japan gave us nothing but Isekai and moeshit for the last few years. I'll let them kill anime if it means we get 10 more anime like CyberPunk

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They aren't making shit, Netflix just gives the japanese a bag of money and in exchange is allowed to put their logo on anime

>fire anime
go back

That's how it started for regular series with House of Cards, but I guess you are too young to remember that. Don't cry when you are lectured about {CURRENT_YEAR_POLITICS} in your unrelated anime by a queer YASS QUEEN SLAY mary sue.

It’s made in Japan by a Japanese studio and published by a Japanese publisher. All Netflix does is pay them for exclusivity.

I know trade marks are supposed to assure people of quality but when I see netflix I feel the opposite way

And so? they are giving money to the right people while Japan just invests in the safest moeshit and isekai
What part did you not understand? Just give us 10 more anime like CyberPunk and they can put all the QWEENS AND QUEERS they want in anime.
Fucking Japan gives us nothing but lame moeshit and isekai

Understandable, but that also means you're missing out

That's good, we would've had to wait several months for the BD release but now we get it only a week after it hit Japanese cinemas. Oh and I get to watch it for free thanks to torrents, thank you Netflix.

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It's over...

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

they started losing subs and money at alarming rates past few months, due to very shitty releases
had to get something good

I support streaming because it injects money into the industry. Same reason why I buy CR.

>Same reason why I buy CR.
Normalfags still believe this fucking meme

fuck off kikeflix shill

This is a shill thread.

Spoken like a true underage normalfaggot