This image mindbreaks Any Forums

This image mindbreaks Any Forums
It makes them frantically seethe in anger that they'll never be this happy.
In the age where the anime is dominated by sufferingporn the main character cannot be happy at the end of the day and they cannot stand that.
And the thing that makes them wallow in rage the most is that (you)r favourite anime or manga will never get so much love and attention.
That is all.

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Sylphie one

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Can't believe an unironic pedo got away with everything.

Dangerously based
She's retarded pls understand

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>unironic pedo got away with everything.
Karma comes back to bite him in the ass eventually.

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>In the age where the anime is dominated by sufferingporn
so, never?

SNK was the hottest shit in recent years and anyone who actually enjoyed that ending must be an unironic masochist.

Why do I get banned for posting my wife Chino but obvious shitpost threads like this stay up?

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Bitch, whats nine plus ten

He was getting away with it stating way back from getting married the first time with the elf. Everything afterwards are bonus instances of getting away with it even more.

>if something with suffering sells well, it is the 'era dominated by sufferingporn'
you are not intelligent

>Why do I get banned for posting my wife Chino
You deserve it for having such a shit taste.


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Really love stories where family is the mcs motivation

>picture of a father fucker

she really asked for it standing around like that

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She knows divination and knows EXACTLY what would happen if Roxy ever found out, additionally also mentally fucking up rudy. She’s a menace

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whats going on. why do people keep posting this? the story has been complete for a good few years now so its not like this is a surprise spoiler or anything. the anime isnt anywhere near this point either so what gives

>not much news regarding MT other than season 2 announcement
>The last volume of LN is out next month and we move onto spinoffs to which the author promised new content
>We've been waiting for the picture of the entire family together for at least a several volumes now.
That's about it really.