One Piece

Seeing how the different crewmembers react to Luffy's dream according to their own personalities, can we guess what it is?

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Luffy wants to do THAT

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His dream is to use THAT jutsu.

it's to become the space emperor

>Im is still just a silhouette
Why? This is the final arc and according to Oda himself there are only like 3 years of the series left. What's the point of still hiding him like this?

>Ayo what dis rubber ass mf just said

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Imagine a sequel with the kids

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Abolish the world government and dethrone the celestial dragons.

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A party with everyone in the world.

A shitty retcon.

>Luffy's nika nika vs Imu's nuke nuke
Dare I say, kino.


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Duchess bun

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Franky's reaction is the one that makes me think it is something related to going into space

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Sanji would be a good dad.

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You can do that in the thread that was already made for it:

Stop spamming your shonen trash

>Poseidon can control the sea kings and thus dominate the seas
>Pluton is a ship that can destroy islands
>Uranus is some device that can destroy islands
Wouldn't 2 weapons have been enough if Pluton and Uranus have the same functionality?

Marines are gonna drink bitter coffee again and they are gonna start asking questions
they were listening to the convo between sabo and revos, they heard him saying BUT THERE WAS SOMEONE SITTING ON AN EMPTY THRONE....... and they are gonna start asking questions

Im fucked up, he should have put some more effort into hunting his enemies, now it is only question of time before his order of the world crumbles and great war similar to void century's one is gonna start


So what was stopping the Marines from recruiting additional admirals? We've clearly seen there are powerful people like Ryokugyu and Fujitora available for service for the Marines to draft. They would've been very useful during Marineford and maintaining order in the Grand Line. What gives Oda?

Endgame right here, brothers

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damn, how could anyone get a boner for Nami when Robin exists right there?

Nami looks like a goblin while Robin looks exotic

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I only like canon

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Bet It's going on the moon.

Why don't they post Kizaru at Reverse Mountain to kick any pirate ship trying to enter the grand line into smithereens? I don't think Oda puts that much thought into the world.

Moon Key D. Laughy wants to become A Pirate King Astronaut