Stop using mpv

Reminder that mpv devs actively hate anime watchers. VLC is better. At least they don't hate you. mpv devs probably have some AI malware embeded in their code to automatically detect anime and fuck your computer.

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>Twittershit thread
Kill yourself.

mpc-hc or nothing.

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90% of the mpv contributors on github have anime profile pictures.

I do user, we all do.

End your life

VLC is and will always be my nigga

mpv is maintained by weebs.

use plex or jellyfin or whatever like a civilized person

I would hate somebody who calls themselves "weeabob" and uses that profile picture too, to be fair.

i will look the other way if it's CSM fans

>civilized person
>using niche as fuck products
get real Any Forumstard

these are both incredibly popular though, if you're using a homeserver, as you should be.

"Civilized person" uses netflix you sheltered manbabies.

i never said anything about being a civilized person, that was that other guy. if being civilized means being a fucking normalfag with shit quality then i want no part of it

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>mpv hates pedophiles
based as F*CK

my mpc-hc suddenly stopped rendering subtitles and I was too lazy to figure out why, so I just installed mpv instead. the UI is fucking ugly as hell and having to edit inputs in a config file is crummy, but I like how light the program is

>having to edit inputs in a config file is crummy,
no GUI could ever accommodate the breadth of options mpv has retard

Salmonella doesn't render you with a facemask

personally i really like the mpv ui, but there's loads of frontends if you don't

>what is

I honestly applaud mpv for taking what should be an obvious stance. Why would people here even care if some company is against peodphilia? Isn't the only reason most people pretend to be lolicons so they can be contrarian hipsters?

Lmao dweeb btfo mpv chad for the win

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Just use K-Lite Codec Pack.
It still gets updates every month.