Why do ironic weebs hate isekai but loves pic related so much?

why do ironic weebs hate isekai but loves pic related so much?

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I don't hate isekai. I just think you could get pretty much the same story without the whole reincarnation play. In most cases, the previous world factor is off to the side and irrelevant to the plot anyway. For all we know, DanMachi could be an isekai but it's not.

Ironic weebs don't have opinions.
They simply think what the memes tell them to think.

Ummm thats not what trinity means sweety

These 4 try to at least have a justification for being a isekai especially mushoku

Add Slime there too. Aside from Re Zero, these 4 series are some of the most mediocre isekai that has ever been created.

>ironic weebs hate isekai
they don't, no one who call themeselves a weeb does.
Only actual normalfags hate isekai, especilly mushoku because pedo mc is a hardfilter for them(this is a good thing).

ironic weebs are still weebs.

I don't think it's about hating isekai, but not giving a fuck about isekai because when you've seen one, you've seen them all.
These ones managed to become popular because they have a gimmick.

why did you have to take away shieldbro OP?

There's no such thing as an ironic weeb, it's a redundant fucking term.

Weeb means a White person who thinks he or she is Japanese and that Japan is the best and everything else is shit. Today, the word applies to all foreigner and not just Whites, meaning that a Black person or a Yellow person can be a Weeb.

Enjoying a show from Japan doesn't make you a Weeb, you fucking retards.

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except overlord, those are unironically peak isekai, nothing comes even close

Don't luimp me together with all these posers.

What's an "ironic weeb"?

I hate them all except for Overlord where I feel indifferent towards.

Because theses ones are good

When people talk about how they hate the genre, they generally talk about the 80% of trash that is saturating the market.

what the fuck is an ironic weeb?? anime is so mainstream now that even rappers are weebs

>I just think you could get pretty much the same story without the whole reincarnation play
How would literally me be in another world without it?

Usually refer to someone who doesn't really like anime that much and only got into it because its the new cool thing to watch. Its mostly a meaningless insult at this point

Only the biggest normalfags hate isekai, hence if you see anyone hating on isekai you should treat them like garbage and tell them to go away.

I like those four and I like gimmicky isekai too.
There's nothing wrong with either. If the author feels like making stuff isekai, then that's fine.
Most isekai only get into why they're isekai later anyway. People want everything known about a series immediately.


Isekai is shit, simple as, there are no exceptions; but, it can be entertaining.

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90 IQ take. Most of everything is bad, but there are always a few classics in each genre, such as chronicles of narnia, twelve kingdoms, bookworm etc.

People who claim to universally hate isekai just because they are isekai are either mentally immature teens or just plain mentally deficient