Offers herself to a minor

>offers herself to a minor
>is into reverse NTR/Voyeurism
>wants to fuck men who act and look like her dad

Is she the most despicable female character in fiction?

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She also emotionally manipulates children into fighting a war.

holy fucking shit source please

seriously though, sauce

don't spoonfeed these newfags.

nvm found it

is her show good? she is hot as FUCK

It's considered one of the best anime of all time for a reason. As for what you should watch:
The TV anime up to episode 24.
Then "end of evangelion" which is a movie version of the last two episodes. Replaces them as the canon ending.
THEN there's 4 movies that are a soft/reboot/timeline reset bullshit, but are canon and a sequel to the anime/EoE.

imagine not having saucenao're seriously asking if neon genesis evangelion is good? lurk moar. next thing you're gonna tell me you only watch english dub and fmab is the best anime of all time. go to r/anime if you're a part of that crowd.
>Replaces them as the canon ending.
it's pretty much the same ending, but EoE is "reality" where the last two episodes are "metaphor"
>4 movies
might as well skip the first one though as it's pretty much a shot for shot retelling of the anime's first third.

>reverse NTR

What the fuck does this even mean, Love?


>wants to fuck men who act and look like her dad
Isn't that normal?

>offers herself to a minor
>is into reverse NTR/Voyeurism
>wants to fuck men who act and look like her dad
Weird, but I can work with it

She likes being creeped on while having sex.

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there are people in this thread asking who this character is
what the fuck has happened to this board, and anime in general. jesus christ

Damn, that's hot.

I think the source was for the artist/imageset, not the anime/character

It's almost like most people don't deliberately look up older anime.
Who cares, just masturbate to her and Asuka.

Evangelion’s over 25 years old at this point, older than most of this board’s users.

Average American K-8 school teacher

Have you considered the possibility that it might be bait? You know, something that happens frequently on Any Forums.

And? Objectively speaking, pornography has turned into a pandemic due to mobile phones and the internet; most people are voyeuristic to some degree now.