Which series has the best family dynamic

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Fake MTards should go off and die.

Pretty much only MT imo.
It's the only series that focuses on that family aspect.
Detractors get the rope

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>best family dynamic
PedoTensei has the best family dynamic

fingers crossed for new content in the LN version of redundancy.

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There's pretty much nothing like it
I mean it you won't find anything like Mushoku Tensei and especially those close to the quality of MT. I've pretty much been reading WNs since like 2014.
There are child reincarnation stories out there as well and some of them even got an anime like Paladin, Hachinan tte, knights and magic etc.
But I'm sure people who watched or read them will agree that none of them really do what MT does. Like I'm not a fan of the term 'realistic' but yes MT's world very much does feel alive and characters have very good chemistry with each other. Also all those other reincarnation stories how to put it, they're not describing a persons life from childhood to adulthood and to his deathbed and how the MC slowly discovers the world traveling around, slowly growing up, that family dynamic of his home and how it sort of feels realistic, his adventures, drama, then how MC makes a family, has kids but the story doesn't' end there no, it continues even after that fact as he has to tackle various family issues and keep protecting what he has built up thus far etc it's a life story describing an entire persons life from birth death in a fantasy world with excellent characters, solid worldbuilding, great action scenes, decent drama and romance, excellent time progression etc it has LITERALLY everything like every part of MT is just rock solid and it's pretty unique in terms of being a story that describes an entire life of a main character with so much richness.

You can try that min max trpg isekai, nagai koto and some other anikis other works like breakthrough with the forbidden master but they're just kinda meh.

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Someone needs to fix this we now pretty much have all the illustrations of the kids.

...he marries his aunt? why is the one dude a chad, baller-ass name aside?

Can we just forget this prolouge shit? Author needs to start writing the real story NOW.

>why is the one dude a chad
Are you by any chance talking about the 5th of the Great World Powers, spawn of the Magic King and 7th of the Great World Powers, Quagmire Rudeus Grayrat, the fangs of the Dragon God, 2nd of the Great World Powers Orsted?

About the North Emperor crowned by the former 7th of the Great World Powers, North God Kalman III, son of Kalman II, son of Kalman I and Demon King Atoferatofe Raibaku, sister of the 3rd of the Great World Powers, Fighting God Demon King Badigadi, fiancee of the Demon Realm Great Empress, Kishirika Kishirisu of the Demon Eyes.

You know, the man raised by the King class royal magician of Shirone's court, Roxy Migurdia Grayrat, the Mad Sword King, Eris Grayrat, and the Saint class magician Sylphiette Grayrat, former bodyguard of the current ruler of Asura Kingdom, Asura Queen Ariel Anemoi Asura.

The man whose origins trace back to prestigious noble houses from Asura and Millis, as well as Elinalize Dragonroad, the S ranked adventurer formerly known as Rostelina, servant and experiment of the 1st and 4th of the Great World Powers, Demon-Technique Dragon God Laplace, whose essence flows within his own veins as the Laplace Factor, you know.

Yes, the underdog sibling of the head of the famous Rudo Mercenary Company, Ars Grayrat, of one of the consort princesses of Asura, Christina Anemoi Asura, of the daughter-in-law of the pope of Millis Cliff Grimoire, Lucy Grimoire, and even of the legendary chosen hero of the beast race who will save the world accompanied by the mythical divine beast, Lara Grayrat.

Indeed, I'm talking about the comrade of Pax Junior, the son of the princess of Kingdragon Kingdom, Benedict Kingdragon, as well as Pax Shirone, the fallen righteous king from Shirone Kingdom, younger brother of the blessed child and famous and revolutionary inventor and producer of automatons, the war hero Zanoba Shirone?

I don't know about you, but I'm refering to the boy baptized by the slayer of Laplace, the man who marked an entire era, the master of the flying fortress, Sky Castle [Chaos Breaker], none other than the Armored Dragon King Perugius himself. Yes, all this time I have been talking about the nephew of the mysterious shady hero who aided Perugius in his final battle, the leader of the Supard tribe, Ruijerd Superdia.

So I'm not sure you were talking about him, but I think we should discuss the hero that smashes evil, the ally of justice, the black knight of the Order of Dragon Knights, the conqueror of the dark tribes and wielder of the sword that reveals itself under the moon, Moonlight Darksword, the fearless man who withstands even Orsted, the most dangerous creature of this world, unfazed, the one and only Death God Sieghart Saladin Grayrat!

Anyone got the version with Orsted in the window?

I got only Sara and Paul

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I was checking out the manga the other day and goddamn it's as bad as I remember like it just doesn't click like the LN and anime but at least it gets a few things right.

At least it does a few things right.

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>At least it does a few things right.
Oops didn't mean to repeat there.
Basically Paul reunion, Sylphy fan service and Banana's/Sylphie reactions are top notch.
Everything else is like a different series altogether.

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For stories where MC has kids with a harem what do the kids call the MC's other wives? Other-Mom?

In MT the kids just call em red mama, blue mama and white mama. The kids themselves practically don’t discriminate but now the mama’s are pretty harsh. Eris literally cuts off Ars’s arm due to a certain incident(although they have a healing scroll nearby).

they were raised up making sure they would never discriminate each other depending on the mother.
They know who their biological mother is, so they know that their biological mother might have bigger expectations and worries for them (especially Ars who Eris was making sure to raise up stronger than the others, since he was the first boy =must protect the rest of the family and be the heir).
But none of them is closer to one of them rather than the other, to them all the mamas are equal as well as their siblings.
So they were raised far better than how Norn and Aisha were raised.

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fuck me, this is real?

post paul, and who's drawing them?

yep, ch26 and thats that