Was Gin planning to impregnate Rangiku?

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>Gin chose betrayal over this
I am glad she has a white haired shota to console her

Why didn't Gin kill Aizen before he fused with Hogyoku?

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do you think it's difficult for souls to get pregnant? I doubt they have amazing contraception, so if they got pregnant as easily as humans do, the balance would be fucked in no time. maybe the plebs are castrated and only seireitei residents can reproduce

Is there a single shinigami that's an offspring of another shinigami? Isn't Ichigo the only one? His dad can use Getsuga Tenso so the implication that if a shinigami somehow makes a child that child inherits even the zanpakuto spirit to some extent.

All the great family are pureblood shinigami

Dont think about it too hard. It'll hurt your brain when you realise you can cheat death in Bleach's world if you can find a way to give up your soul reaper powers and live as a human.
Technically speaking Isshin had already lived and died and was sent to the soul society by a shinigami. The lore makes no sense

No but those bullies he ran off were.

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Toshiro never stops simping for Momo as far as I recall.

Go away speedreader.

That says nothing about their relation especially since they adopt


best grills

Bleach girls best girls in shonen.

>dark pubes
i sleep

Ecchi artists should understand the appeal of drapes matching the carpet.

>blonde pubes exist

No good opening
noly after Aizen fused with it he became too stubborn to give a shit since everyone who could hurt him already got bonked

Next thing you'll tell me is that Shinigami don't exist irl too.