How does Kei manage to pass so easily? Even the other female students recognize their femininity

How does Kei manage to pass so easily? Even the other female students recognize their femininity.

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Easy answer is he's still young, most guys go through the 'bulking up' phase of puberty around 16 or 17 and iirc the characters are 1st years in high school.

Kei is non-binary.

>Are you really a boy?
>Yeah... I am.

He never said he was nonbinary and even then those that claim they are nonbinary don't always tell people to refer to them with different pronouns.

I think it's obvious those girls are referring to their gender assigned at birth.

>He never said he was nonbinary

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Being entirely fictional helps tremendously.

>thread discussing fictional story
Whoa, you might be a genius.

Sorry, your kind seems to forget about reality occasionally so I thought you could use a reminder.

That is literally the reason why, though.
Anyone can do anything in a fictional story, and there doesn't necessarily need to be an in-universe justification.

>amerigoy propaganda
He probably quit being a masculine man, he wants to look cute.
>'s not like I want to be a girl...
Based, he's not mental like troons.

>quit being a boy
absolute gibberish. that's like saying "i quit being a human, so i'm a deer now". take your antipsychotics and stfu

He is fictional so maybe he can even be a dragon.

>the manlet is as small as kei without taking estrogen
manletbros... is it over?

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So much coping.

Back in my times we used to call them traps.

Can you guys just make a general already

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That's the reason though. The author wants it to happen so it does despite how completely and utterly impossible it would be in reality.