One Piece

>this week's chapter (colorized)

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are you crazy a LOT of stuff happened

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name 6

Just watched Film Red again and I ugly cried again

Luffy revealed his dream
Sabo potentially died
Im appeared
Bonney appeared
An entire fucking kingdom was destroyed
Chopper got a new hat

Anymore stupid questions?

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You only listed three things user...

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>Chapter 1060 "That"

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Yes, goy, yes. This chapter... never existed...

"THAT piece"

Endgame right here, brothers

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Uta's ToT musicia demon vs Imu's tactical nuke
Who wins?

This really makes it feel like a schizophrenic wrote it

>Imu targeted Lulusia because they defected to the Revolutionaries, NOT because Sabo was there
>Buster Call is public knowledge, Imus Superweapon is not
>Hang on, some men in suits just showed up at my door...

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The only Luffy dream that I think could happen is:
-I want to have a world wide party.

Him wanting to destroy the grand line makes no sense as a child. He didn't know about how the fucking seas worked. Our captain is a simpleton.

This chapter never existed and nothing happened

Kek I thought it was the serpent girl from Amazon Lily

We ever consider that Imu just recently got this weapon?

You can't nuke dreams

Post cute and canon

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That Zoro's dialogue was weird and ooc. Honestly I wonder if Oda regrets creating the Grand Fleet since Luffy could basically end things fast if he wanted to
Hell the grand fleet didn't even react to Luffy's "death" and Oda sill pretending Kid and Law are as dangerous as Luffy will always be forced
I think Oda cornered himself

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Come sit down for some tea, user. You look tired after all that happened in Wano.

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Very soulful scribbles

What is it gonna take for usopp to consider himself a brave warrior? In this chapter that crazy fuck was about to go along with a plan to storm mary geoise without a single complaint.

Luffy revealed his dream screen
Sabo potentially died ...again
Im appeared silhouette

Looking forward to 4 years of Bonney tagging along with the straw hats

ToT musica demon has to be beaten both from inside and outside of the dream world so by it's very nature the UFO who can only hit from outside cannot kill it

Canonically Luffy doesn't have romantic feelings for anyone and the only one with romantic feelings towards him is Hancock.


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She's staying for a chapter and then she'll live

When Im is revealed, will we get a Moria/Duval reveal or a cool looking character?

Tic toc, this chapter gave us another point for her return.

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Dont you know THAT dream already user?


Little girls will be the samurai of the final arc.

>An entire fucking kingdom was destroyed
What the FUCK are you talking about?

Hope Luffy and Chopper land on something that floats.

So does that mean the other 7 or whatever rebelling kingdoms get nuked too? The next reverie is going o be akward when a bunch of kingdoms that everyone knows about and probably had trade and political relations to suddenly supposedly never existed in the first place

>Canonically Luffy doesn't have romantic feelings for anyone
As of yet. At the EoS Luffy will hook up with someone, and that someone has to be the main heroine of the story.
>the only one with romantic feelings towards him is Hancock
How could you forget Alvida and Lola?

I get it!

You will watch my movie

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>At the EoS Luffy will hook up with someone, and that someone has to be the main heroine of the story.
LuNaschitzo, come take your meds.

Be honest /opg/...
When was the last time a girl looked at you like that irl?
For me it's never

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If Bonney is Luffy's mother Zoro would become Luffy's dad

I guess the Carrot dream is over. Her plot thread was really Wano'd. She's now a ruler of Zou, a teenage girl ruler with zero leadership qualities and mediocre fighting prowess, who didn't inherit Pedro's actual dream.

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You're right user.
That kingdom... never existed...

What kingdoms? Theyre were no rebelling. Everything's fine.

9th grade but she was ugly (had a lazy eye)

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Bro it's only been four chapters since we last saw her.

>LuNaschitzo, come take your meds.
Sanjispic, please. Gag ships like SaNa and LuHan have no chance of becoming canon.

My bet would be on a cool-looking person. This is supposed to be the most intimidating person, the face of absolute oppression, the ultimate opposite of Luffy's goofy freedom.

Ya but Oda's a silly little man.

She could be literally anywhere right now we have zero confirmation that she went along with it, the last mention of it is her looking forlornly off to the side.

>Im is redhead

Wonder what is happening on the Lightning island that Urouge went to.

What kingdom was destroyed? Are you okay bro?

That's why Luffy's silly and goofy. His toon fruit, the embodiment of freedom, is named the most ridiculous power. Im is the personified oppression, the opposite of freedom. That means Im must look very serious.

>She could be literally anywhere
except on the sunny lmao

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>Sorry Wanda... We know you were more qualified and never left the island irresponsibly... It's a shame you weren't with her to inherit Pedro's will.

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to be honest would find it real funny if Im looked like a Hokuto no Ken character.

It says in the chapter several days passed. If hyperactive Carrot was on the Sunny, she wouldn't be able to sit quiet for an hour, let alone days.

why doesn't Imu destroy all the yonkou islands/ships?
why doesn't she destroy every rebel base?

The one on the right is irrelevant

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