Remember when pic related meant you could only copy Jutsus and not set people on fire?

Remember when pic related meant you could only copy Jutsus and not set people on fire?

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>meant you could only copy Jutsus
It was even simpler than that.
The Sharingan, at first, was just a really good eye. It lets you see really well.
The copying Jutsus part was because you could look at how the Jutsu was performed and mimic what your opponent did.
But it also gives you better peripheral vision and basically lets you see in slow motion.
Kakashi developing the Chidori as a technique that leverages the Sharingan's lack of tunnel vision made him look infinitely cooler and more skilled than the giant robot bullshit and I will die on that hill.

Don't care, it was cool.

Amaterasu is a jobber ability anyway.

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It still annoys me that Hinata was denied the Jogan in The Last. If she's supposed to be Hamura's reincarnate, then let her awaken a Six Paths mode too. For a movie that's supposed to be about Naruto and Hinata's relationship, it could've had a tag team battle against Toneri, but nope, it's just Naruto beating him down before Hinata moves in to get Hanabi's eyes back.

I remeber when Byakugan was meant to be stronger


shut the fuck up

Fire abilities are always jobber abilities in shonen.
You can't actually defeat a normal human opponent with fire because that's just too brutal.

i member when it was supposed to be about hand to hand combat and clever thinking.

Byakugan is still better at being an eye.
Nearly 360 degree division, seeing through walls, being able to see chakra points, doesn't make you slowly go blind.

They did byakugan dirty. They only tried to make it look badass at the end of the show but it was already too late

I wonder if Kishi only started buffing the shit out of the Sharingan because he made the Nine Tails too strong, which made the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke became lopsided.

Yeah but no Kamui, no inamazi/izanagi, Amaterasu, Susanoo etc

In that case, he could've just buffed the Curse Mark.
Fuck Itachi for taking it away

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Remember when it also give you some degree of slow motion sight?

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Amaterasu was broken so they nerfed it so Nardo can stand a chance against Sauce.