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Imagine having the most kino OP, Most kino villain, yet worst overall part and worst jojo

What a fag

i cant

not the case, tho.


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Yeah, Battle Tendency is pretty weird.

which part had the best artstyle?

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late part 3

>yet worst overall part and worst jojo
You're thinking of stone ocezn or jojolion

what a stupid haircut

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I like early 3.

Mid 1 to late 3 was good.

I'm partial to both 3 and 4.

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late part 6

>Most kino OP
If you're talking about Chase then i agree

This image is misleading, because every artstyle is inconsistent, and doesn't always look like what's shown here.

For me, it's Mid 4.

The Wonder of You arc still lives rent free in my head a year later.

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I've always wondered what the fuck that think poking out of Johnny's back is?