Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>You will never have a cute depressed naked waifu laying on your bed while you remember your dead mother and the little time you spent with her.
Why even fucking live?

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Leave Adam to me

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I rabu Rebecca

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will never fade away....

Episode 6 is the best anime episode of the year, Kai ikarashi is a legend. Incredible how they give Maine so much character and depth in one episode.

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Not sure if she'll show up in the game, but I do hope so.

Even if its just a skin.

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bros, what are the odds we get two more seasons exploring the different paths david and the crew could take (corpo and nomad) with one of the endings is having his mom and most of the crew making it out?

you'd have the best shitposts. i don't know why some chucklefucks wouldn't want that preem style.

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Rebecca is easy, immature, desperate, used whore trash that doesn't deserve love. Lucy is a tough, cold, goddess mommy who's a virgin and is worthy.


This looks like style over substance shit.

Zero. If any new seasons they will be new self contained story lines. David's gone. Unless you want Tulpa David.

The tragedy is that Lucy was too busy protecting David from Arasaka to protect him from the actual biggest danger, himself.

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user I….

Anyone has the clip on the ride back.

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Everybody feels bad for David's crew. But nobody feels anything for the cute mom that David kills in cold blood, leaving her son alone the way he was.

there might still be some of her left in the square.
This song fucking hurts now anons.

i read "him and his mom making out"

You sound like a legit cuck

i mean

Not sure. But I do hope pic related makes it in and makes him reconsider alot of choices.

Also its guaranteed to make a bitch out of Smasher.

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fuck corpos

arasaka is literally the great satan.

Zero... We can't get SHIT in Night City

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>set just after CP2077
>Private Investigator divorcee alcoholic kicked of MaxTac
>a completly paranoid Peralez hires him
>he uncovers the brainwashing network
>dies revealing the truth
>directed by Shinichirō Watanabe

imagine the kino

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FUCK NETFLIX for dumping this all at once
I will NEVER forgive them

>episode 9 of gridman
>episode 10 of dynazenon
>now this
He's too good, 3 of my favourite episodes of anime have now come from him

>Also its guaranteed to make a bitch out of Smasher.

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