Used goods

What's your opinion of used goods? Do they have a place in anime/manga?

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Do you believe in the hymen of the heart?

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I don't think it's really reasonable to expect total purity but loose women have a bad reputation for a reason

Years of reading NTR have broken my brain enough that I like it

>"My true virginity"
Does roasties really?

Yes. I like 'fixing' mentally abused used goods with my dick.

What about anal virginity? Hymen still intact.

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It's not realistic to expect a woman to be pure irl, but talking about manga/anime, why would I want to see a whore ending up with the MC? I read manga precisely because I wanna see pure relationships, I don't need life 2.0
If the used good becomes the main heroine it was 100% written by a woman.

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Would you forgive remoseful used goods user?

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Can a man be used goods?

Once a whore, always a whore. Just keep her as a side chick or dump her as soon as you find a pure waifu.

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>I took it first
what could she mean by this ? Dildo?

>What's your opinion of used goods? Do they have a place in anime/manga?
Only in shoujoshit and joseishit. The people who gobble up that shit will gladly take them, too.

Past a certain age total purity is no longer a possibility but you don't want to settle for a whore either

>Does roasties really?
No, simps do, actually. Women at most humor them.

Does your penis get less hard the more you fuck?

who cares?

i'm not a virgin and neither have been any of my girlfriends after i was 17 (she was 15)

only if it was not by choice
only if she felt disgusted by it
only if she knows her place as dirty trash

>who's not first is always the second