He was right again

Why did people never listen to him?

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I seriously doubt it was "otaku" who screeched about someone shitting on Corea and China. Yamakan is shooting at the wrong target, but he's correct here in general.

When Yamakan makes a good anime, I will trust him. Save us Yamakan.

At his core he is right and you just need to look at this very board to see it with the violent reactions to actual industry discussion but I don't see how they can be blamed on international politics stuff

>blaming your non-existent customers
maybe make a good anime at least.

>thinks gaijins have any influence on japan's anime industry
lol, lmao even

Our having influence or not isn't the point, i'm using Any Forums as a reflecting of japan here

He must be talking about the author when he refers to otaku. It got shit canned because China's bankrolling productions and obviously they're not going to produce something that pissed them off

Everything is otaku’s fault. Economy is shit, Otaku. Mental illness on the rise, otaku. Abe is dead, Otaku.

Please remind me of what he contributed to anime that's noteworthy again?

>Abe is dead

He created the Haruhi ending dance IIRC.

Why yes, I get my Japanese news from Any Forums too, how did you know?

>A jaded, bitter old man is blaming others for his misfortunes.
>At his core he is right
Please read what you said.

ah this one, it was a bit of a shame but oh well

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>He created the Haruhi ending dance IIRC.
His self-loathing is driving him insane, I guess.

Nothing of value was lost then,

He happens to have a point on this, but he's otherwise usually wrong. He has a tremendously overinflated opinion of his abilities, and is mostly bitter about not being as liked and successful as he thinks he should be.

>talk shit about China and Korea openly
>doesn't consider pic related, to be relevant.
>get cancelled
>"Otaku have too much power over the industry"

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Pretty sure I've watched this anime 20 times already, just with slightly different characters each time

he's right

He also directed the God Knows episode from Haruhi and the Lucky Star OP. That's the sad part about Yamakan. He does actually have talent and can make good work when he's kept in check and working under another director who knows how to utilize his skill. But after getting fired from Kyoani and setting off on his own, his ego and big mouth plus all his attention-seeking stunts made him the laughingstock of the industry.