There can only be 1 Anime Of The Year and it's going to be one of them

There can only be 1 Anime Of The Year and it's going to be one of them

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Have you seen the shitfog filters mappa puts over everything? Their competition won't be very competitive

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Both are equally shit

Where is Lycoris Recoil?

There is no AOTY this year. I'm calling it off.

With the sheer amount of hype this has, it will unironically mog both of them
That being said, anime is about what you enjoy all these award shows are just industry events.

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Kunoichi Tsubaki Any Forumsoty, and that's all that matters


Spy X Family will be AOTY

It's mob's to lose.

Last season and the best part of the story. By far.


It’s mainly a popularity contest for all the industry events. What YOU consider AOTY is what should matter the most in the end. Sure it’s nice that others would share your opinion but do you watch the show for yourself, or for others? The AOTY is the one that captures your heart.

user... I hate to give you the news...
Pui Pui Molcar season 2 is out next season. There's no other contender for AOTY.

Sure thing user, sure thing.

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In the woke thrash where it belongs

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neither is good
cope tr/a/nny.

Those are some wierd lesbians

I was never interested in this show, but after seeing this clip I feel vindicated in my choice.

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AOTY will easily belong to Kanojo Okarishimasu S2.

Uzaki-chan will be better than both.

Oh lawdy, we got ourselves a Buck in need of breaking

That guy in the webm is doing it wrong. The proper way to break a buck is with a rope and a tree.

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