ITT: best girls that never stood a chance

ITT: best girls that never stood a chance

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>best girl
>from a snoozefest show


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people wont agree but youre right

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>snoozefest show
Doesn't make her any less of a best girl.

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people don't agree cuz she got best boy

hiro a shit

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She deserved better.

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>best boy
calm down, weeb

at least he breed some kids, unlike that loser Hiro

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No. She didn't.


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These two.
They both won, by the way.

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I am still sad. And I'm pretty sure she did have a chance since Kei clearly cared about her a lot.
I miss this show. Risetto threads were peak comfy.

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>reddit spacing
>reddit spacing


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not an argument

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