Lycoris recoil

Genki and cool beauty are the best archetypes.

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>thread died
Why even bother?


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Do you think they are going to bring up in the last episode that Chisato saw her panties again?

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What is the point of life if we are going to die?

He is doing.

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Because it's yuri, they're at least allowed to be regarded as equal.

Is the story going to end on the anime?

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Yes but they will live forever on our memories or until they announce season 2.

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Wow, I love these. The art style looks better than the original.

I think it would be hard to get a full anime with that kind of artstyle.

I want to be Takina so bad bros

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I like those character designs more too. Obviously the sketch-like style would be too hard to be animated, but not the designs.

Bad girls, bad girls

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They give me some Sailor moon/old anime vibe.

How are they going to censor that in the lycoris test?

The woman are not kissing this anime is a lie

Don't look!

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>twit**r nips are still laughing at Kekina's cuck face
Not like this Lycorisbros...

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Moyu lewd

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