Thoughts on this Cyberpunk episode?

Thoughts on this Cyberpunk episode?

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Definitely my favourite of the bunch. The song for the last scene made me depressed.

Was it really his fault?

>no becca
Fuckin garbage. One of the worst episodes.

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El cinèma

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im not playing your stupid fucking broken video game. FUCK OFF.


Kai Ikarashi is a genius.

Ep6 was the best one

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Yep. He shouldn't have fucked that Doritos tranny

If you watch it, you'll enjoy it :)

Fucked up new cyberpsychosis lore somewhat.

So did David die

Yes. How did you miss that? It was even more obvious than him fucking Lucy. You do know he fucked Lucy right?

Need more of these. Ep 4, 6 and 10 were really good.

Oh what the fuck he directed that ep? That explains it.

>Episode 6

The best.

Please stop spamming the catalogue and fuck off to Any Forums or Any Forums.

It must really suck to know no matter how much it pisses you off, people are still going to make threads for this series because it's genuinely good huh? Thanks for the bump

If it’s good it’s good, but it shouldn’t be on Any Forums. You have at least 3 other boards to post this on. Any Forums, Any Forums and Any Forums surely won’t mind.

If I hated anime as much as you I wouldn't come to Any Forums. Everything else people have watched this year has been fun but forgettable, nothing has really punched since Fall 2021. And now a show comes along that can actually keep a thread up and you hate it. Fuck off.

Do i have to play cybergta video game before this anime?