Delicious Parity Precure

Are you looking forward to the DP movie coming out in just a week?

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Yeah I'm no fapping until the movie comes out to be ready for pamu

I would like her to step on me

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Although I don't get why you keep misspelling the title of the show

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It's Delicious Party idiot.
And yeah, I'm excited for the movie and the short.

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Lets just make a thread without spelling errors

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Someone made another thread but they also misspelled the title, I don't get it

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then who gives a fuck let's just use this one

Sexy, post more

sweaty smelly dog...

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I didn't see an implication otherwise but you're probably the one who made this one since you're so defensive.
Don't keep doing it if you don't like people calling it out

This one.

>15 replies
>5 posters
>someone just spamming pamsandwich pics

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My guess, it's the same mentally ill idiot. Ignore the fucking retard and post about Precure.
What are you excited about DP possibly doing?

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