I have a bad feeling about this

Boss is gonna be fine right? Nothing bad's gonna happen to her, right?
I know this series is mostly lighthearted but I've seen enough wild tone shifts in manga to doubt it's possible, and this chapter felt off, I don't trust this new guy.

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Why her eyes so fucking demonic

He's gonna rape him

Not strange considering his previous work was literally about demons. Ochiai has swirls for eyes.

Boss wouldn't do that, she's pure.

It's a man

No user, boss is the black-haired one with "demonic" eyes, she's a woman. The manlet is the guy.

Which of his manga is this?

My divorced ex-neighboor's tits can't be this huge 2: return of the big bazooka bros"

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I swear she's still getting bigger

>meets fellow divorcee
>learns a Any Forums nice guy basically fell out of the sky on her lap
>feels lonely yet still wishes them the best and continues to hang out with Ochiai and help her out
More pure than a lot of waifus posted here. She deserves better than to get jumped by some American Psycho manlet.

And hornier.

More likely the beginning of a second couple.

Probably her 12-pack-a-day beer habit.

made for getting drunk off one beer and having a sloppy drunken fuck

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>made for getting drunk off one beer
i'm being targeted

The twist is that it's actually a girl, boss will find out when she tries getting her drunk.

>it can't be helped

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Trips confirm, lesbo couple inbound.

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Hmmm, that might be interesting.
>tfw no tomboyish factory worker gf

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I'm getting sick and tired of all these shota nabbing 11/10 women