I hate him so much; he's so mean, so forceful

>I hate him so much; he's so mean, so forceful
>Yet, every time he touches me with those long fingers, I always get swept away
Why is it such an enduring trope that stood the test of time for decades?

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Because, if anything, women are regressing instead of evolving toward a more civilized state of being.

Guys act like they're puzzled by this and then see no issue liking abusive tsunderes and yanderes.

Schizo, shitposter, or femanon?

>T-there's no way her dick could be bigger than mine
>(And her touch feels so good~)
>Even if it is, that doesn't change anything!
>She's always trying to one-up and humiliate me
>(Her lips are so soft...)
>I-I hate her so much! She's such a bitch
>There's no way I'd fall in love with her cock...

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Pretty sure shoujobot is both.
That, or an AI that's actually been trained on countless chibi manga scans and Any Forums forum posts to produce this kind of stuff.

We don't even like the asshole love interest. We just lie the conflicted emotions of the protagonist about him.
Note the difference between posting threads about how hot Taiga is, vs. threads about the protagonist with a sad face having conflicted thoughts about some unseen jerk love interest who isn't even posted.


>His face is so close
>My heart is beating so fast
>I...is he going to k...kiss me?
Why are kissing scenes so good when they feel so scary, nerve wrecking and intimidating?

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>retard rapes girl over in over
>she falls in love with the retard

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the tsundere designs are always top which is why people like it, not the personality.

because you're a girl

Which shows even more how guys are willig to forgive shit personality as long as hot and then complain that girls do the same.

>I must be under some kind of spell
>There's no other way that kissing my childhood bully
>Can feel this good
Why is kissing passionately your childhood bully whom you still hate such a hot idea?

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But the most popular tsunderes tend to be the mild and non-abusive ones like Kurisu and Korbo.

These are not more popular than Taiga and Kirino at all.

who is this?

Girls like dominant men. It's quite simple.

click the triangle and go to saucenao newfag

Tsundere is objectively a garbage archetype only liked by insecure men who cannot imagine a woman who doesn't hate them.

Yandere is the near opposite of tsundere or whatever femoids like, in that the appeal of the archetype is that you become the object of her obsession rather than her punching bag. Doubly so when dealing with the rare yandere subtype that's all bark and no bite.

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I don't think I believe that but don't think I can prove it

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korbo is more bants than tsun