Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Shh, Becky is sleeping.

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Shh, user is shilling.

Any Forums will really see that gun and still pretend Becky isn't a ripoff of Harley Quinn

Why is this desperate loudmouthed whore stock character so commonly used as a romantic foil against the softspoken pure correct girl? Don't they get tired of it?

Why is she so perfect?

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yeah, she's actually a pajama sam ripoff

PSA: Do not reply to this post anons.
This poster is a troll who's admitted that they haven't even watched the anime.
He's come into these threads with the intention of spreading discord. Don't let him

spunky, small, endearing and considerate towards the MC.


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I personally prefer treacherous Kiwi and her slitless mound.

I'll probably watch it soon. I'm just mad that they shove this dumb fucking moralistic preachy cliche into EVERYTHING. By this point it's tiring to put up with

And still the message is that she's unworthy compared to Lucy, the correct girl.

So basically, Becky was implying that she gives delicious sumata while she was holding that bottle between her thighs right?

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Fuck bros, my little psychopath can't be this cute.

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post kino shots

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Kill yourself netflix shill.


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Probably. Because she's a dirty worthless whore who deserves to die, right?

halfway through episode 1. just need to ask if they'll repeat the songs throughout the season or if it was just a episode 1 thing


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Bunny Lucy

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i think having a gf like Lucy would be pleasant

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Just needs cum and it's perfect.

There's a couple other zoomer songs in English but I would not drop the show over them, just keep going

Cyberskeleton looks like shit.

any other anime, this would guarantee victory against the opponent.
alas wrong genre, wrong city.

>Why is she so perfect?

How can little girls make this kind of lewd poses?

V avenged them all.

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they were in-universe songs from the game and i liked them
and they'd be whatever the current generation in 2077 is called

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Its Trigger, they can't make an anime without a Mecha


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when they were first talking about it i thought oh shit its gonna be like the terminator skeleton shit but nope bodyhorror gurren lagann

Also that one from ep6

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>trust me guys you can totally get a full artificial body I am an expert on the topic

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Who can stop Any Forums bros

>tfw no qt netrunner gf


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It looks like a toy robot.