Chainsaw Man

Season 1 is rumored to adapt only up to Eternity Devil arc.
Do you rike it?

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There's a good chance it might happen since we are talking about Mappa here.

>Season 1 is rumored to adapt only up to Eternity Devil arc.
Except it's not, retard. It's going to end up in Katana-Man arc

>The most powerful panel in the waifu wars
Asabrothers, how did we get blessed by Fuji?

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Would Katana Man arc even save it? CSM didn’t even really pick up in stride and popularity until the Bomb arc or IA arc. But of course it’s not like that will actually matter since normalfags will eat that shit up no matter how hard it flops.

Why is she so fucking cute bros?

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Yoru a CUTE

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They will onot even cover KAtana arc, at best they will only cover the beginning. They will add a shit ton of filler though, if the filler infested trailer didnt allready tip you off

yorubros we're a hivemind

Do you rike your Season 1, /csm/?

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Way too rushed. They will do Eternity arc and beginning of Katana arc + tons of filler

You have to post the source for that

Don't care. Just release the fucking anime already.

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>Powerfags can pollute the hivemind by false flagging and being retarded

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source: watch the trailer and judge for yourself

yes brother

It came to me in a dream

>Watch the new trailer that shows up to Bat and Leech
>That's a proof or indication of Season 1 not reaching Katana Man

Did you not see the amount of filler sprinkled in just the trailer alone?


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It is rumoured (by me) that Pochita will be voiced by Izawa Shiori.

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Imagine if Fujomoto actually goes the gay route

They only extended to Zombie fight in the trailer, not more.

Dead series

Threadly reminder that, because Pochita ate the Nazi/WW2 devil, the holocaust didn't happen in-universe and therefore the jews receive no special treatment and Israel doesn't exist

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>after all denji's lust for tits, he settles for dick
not sure if i'd like it but it would be "kino"

make it more dead so all braindead shitposters will leave

>Short scene of Aki in his apartment when Denji arrives
>Denji looking for Pochita (it's not really filler, they just animated the scene)
Sure retard. The adaptation of Golden Wind had a lot of filler and adapted 155 chapters in 39 episodes.

We will have a new Trailer, or/and a new Key Visual on 19th?