Do any anons remember this little forgotten gem and have opinions on it?
I reread it recently and was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying it. You have to be open about shoujo fantasy and it's messy, but there are tons of emotionally powerful moments, and I liked how the universe gets slowly expanded for you instead of being infodumped in one go. I especially loved Soubi this time around.

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I read it years ago, but haven't read the latest volumes. Kouga Yun is underrated.

No need to be in a hurry, it's been on hiatus since 2018. I was surprised though, on the more ""recent"" chapters Kouga started picking up plot threads that I thought would've been forgotten at this point, like Nagisa's sister and what happened to Ritsuka to have lost his memories and why he supposedly become a different person. There was also something teasing Seimei's story, as characters samed Seimei and Aoyagi show up in a backstory. It's all very intriguing, too bad I have no idea if it's ever getting a conclusion.

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>shoujo fantasy
This is BL shit user

Why is it on hiatus?

Ok, fine
>*shoujo bl fantasy
Kouga is playing Genshin.
In all seriousness, I don't know. Kouga seems to be healthy and attending doujin events from time to time.

>This is BL shit user
hol up. BL can be good

>Kouga seems to be healthy and attending doujin events from time to time.
This is insulting to the readers and actual buyers of the manga

Yeah, I'm not exactly happy with her either. But she's not the first to do this to me, since I also enjoy X/1999 and Yami no Masuei.

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Earthian is better.

Well yeah, Earthian is finished.

Clamp is dead to me since all the multiverse bullshit
By the way this is not a good place to talk about fujoshi shit, other than their thread or the flavor of the month series they are following

They haven't been releasing anything interesting in ages either.
>this is not a good place to talk about fujoshi shit
I know. I wanted to try anyway. Discussing Loveless in general is hard these days.

I liked Soubi from the start
Really liked how he shitted on Hitomi, I liked her.

I like how he starts off as this suave, sweet talking and mysterious seme and then we slowly realize how intensely sad and vulnerable he is. I'll admit this chapter about a dream he had almost made me cry.
Also, I just realized that what infuriates me the most about the hiatus is that I feel like the story was reaching the climax.

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I don't remember where I stopped reading
All I remember is that Seimei came back
Some rape and some sluts

I remember it being a cornerstone of fujo culture back in the day, along with gravitation

Was the last thing she did the character designs for Gundam 00?

>along with gravitation
I still remember one of its songs

Holy shit this is still on-going? I knew about this yaoi trash mid to late 2000s back when Onemanga was alive because I thought it was a classic romcom stuff like Love Hina

Love hina is worse than this shit