This taco has a birthday today.
Wish her good luck in her mahjong games!

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Happy Birthday Kataoka "Taco" Yuuki.
I wish you a life full of tacos.

I will call every kan.
I will call ron with my shitty single yaku hand.
No you cannot play your yakuman.

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There's supposed to be a new chapter today, right?

Already? I thought Ritz is still busy with the volumes.


But will you call every pon?

How far along are the nationals by now?


We are halfway through the Finals. Hisa played one match, she will start the second match soon, then only Nodoka and Saki remains.

Yes, Tacos.

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I hope Awai's massive tits won't deflate like some anons theorized
She looks so beautiful with them

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>good luck
after two Tenhous in the same game? I will rub her head and pray for more luck myself.

yeah, with color pages
unless she missed her deathlike again.


>with color pages
She has time for that or it will be her assistants again?
I hope for the latter.

seems prime Ritz to me

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are these new?

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captcha: MAN2WN

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>that background
it's definitely Ritz, a shame

ad for the five volume release

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Are there any chances for the FF14 manga to be continued? The first volume was fun but I wanna see more Saki girls playing the game.

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