Think of your favorite slice of life. Got it? Cool

Think of your favorite slice of life. Got it? Cool.
Every single character is now genderswapped. Do you still like it?

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Well, it'd no longer be my favorite, but yes.

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Gender is only a social construction so it doesn't matter.

it can work

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there's literally a gender swapped version of this anime

nooo now it's the gay kind of gay

Asobi Asobase?

Not sure how I'd feel about that

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K-On, yes

No. I only watch CGDCT anime. Not interested in watching males as I'm not gay.

yes. In fact I think it'd be better if hotori were a brotori

>Not interested in watching males as I'm not gay
I will never understand this logic.

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it can work.

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you didn't like that arc?

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Yes, though it will get several times weirder.

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No I loved it, I don't know how well it would work as a full series though.
Especially since I'm not really fond of reverse harems.

Absolutely, Tanaka-chan would be cute as hell

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No. I'm sure fujos would love it though.

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Yeah, it might even be better in some way.
Although I don't like Kyouko anymore.

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>I only watch CGDCT anime.
>I'm not gay.
Something doesn't add up