Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 41 part 3


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more like the fart

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Eat rocks.

Isane says thank you for the wonderful threads :)

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Shirou can defeat every bleach character

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Watching Lilynette fart bubbles in the bath together.

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I'm honestly just so happy that ulquiora stayed fucking dead. his death was oddly heartbreaking for a villian

Kubo's brain is interstellar for giving us so much shitposting material.

Man this volume has so much horseshit

Okay okay we may have gotten too carried away for a moment, so let's take these few chapters easy. There's no more KUBOOOOs left here.

post yfw the date of espada 0 kissing a doom rock was the heart

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yeah but can he defeat the heart?

Shirou can't defeat entry-level Hollows.

>is the number zero
>proceeds to get casually no-diffed by Byakuya and Kenpachi while they spar with each other


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ESPADA DOOM BLAST?!!!!?!!!??!!!?!?!?!

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Kubo loves his villains which is why they're the best written.


>Espada Doom Blast
Wasn't it called Gran Rey Doom Blast before, fucking hack

i kubo'd my pants

Orihime isn't a villain.

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Was it ever confirmed in databook or novel that White/Zangetsu is a Vasto Lorde-Class Hollow? Or is it all just fan theories?jxghd

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this post really makes me wish these threads had a paintfag for meme comics and edits

>Yammy prepares a punch
>Hitsu gets hit
I love transitions like this

He'll be back in Hell arc. Either as a demon trigunda etapa or as Kazui's zanpaktou spirit.

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God I love underboob

great boobs ahead

Genuinely what was the point of this? Was Yammy supposed to be more powerful than all the other espada?

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Was this ever explained?

Yeah that's what I said.

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I hope my edit of these pages so that the blank page only had "heart" in it as opposed to "is heart" wasn't distracting

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He's just a retard with a high power level.

Kubo... I kneel

it's healing

There are few things better in life than sweaty underboob.


Yes. Byakuya and Kenpachi are the two strongest captains aside from Yamamoto.

>you will never go back to being a naïve teen reading bleach for the first time
it hurts bros

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It really feels like Kubo forgot Yammy existed, and he lost the chance to make him even vaguely threatening in contrast to 4 and above so he just did this.

better than "is heart"

I didn't even notice it OP, you did a great job


To keep the HM crew from going to Fake Karakura. Kubo already had to juggle so many characters there. Yammy wasnt beated until after Aizen.

My wife is doing so well despite losing her men

See, this is exactly what I was talking about , even without release and hitsugaya in bankai she doesn't have so much as a scratch while hitsugaya is getting trashed. Harribel, I think, is worthy of her rank.

Next. Byakuya is low tier, btw.

Better than a retard with a low power level lol


Jobber cube.

But yammy isn't supposed to be treatening, he's literally used to a make a One piece reference later
You guys just have to come to terms with the fact this is a deliberate anticlimax
Like people IN UNIVERSE roll their eyes at this

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The only thing i'd tell my younger self is not to go to that con dressed as Omaeda.

I'm not sure if it started around here, but I started noticing this trend where a chapter ends in a bankai/resurrection for the cliffhanger and then Kubo does it again in the next chapter, not necessarily even immediately. Kind of annoying when reading like this, not so much weekly.

Omaeda is the only VC not in the cuck box

>it's SUPPOSED to be shit

Yammy is a bigass target. Kenpachi and Byakuya excel at killing those. Is that better?

Space Dandy Omaeda will save the day

Databooks called the form Perfect Hollowification, the rest are speculation but its self-explanatory why it has so much stock.

I don't think that really changes it.
It would've been an anticlimax without going NUL too.

>Gerard Valkyrie
Done? Done.

Who said it was shit? I fucking love it, it's the biggests pull your rug from under you moment in the arc somehow

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>it subverted my expectations twice so it's good

>and then Kubo does it again in the next chapter
He does recaps like that sometimes. He also did it when Kenpachi DOS MANOSd Nnoitra

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>Starrk and Kyoraku continue to play around.

You can like it as much as you want my guy, doesn't make it any less bad or one of the multiple things people point at when it comes to why Bleach sucks

It's really noticeable during this time, or was for me.
Like you see it sort of here with Harribel.

Byakuya and Kenpachi were always shown to be the strongest... This isn't head canon. What the fuck are you talking about
This doesn't help your point seeing as though they killed him several times. He just kept coming back to life

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>You're amazing
>No, YOU'RE amazing teehee

I like to imagine Shunsui was thinking how much Starrk reminded him of his older brother.

These two would be ultra bros if the
circumstances would be different.

i just finished rewatching space dandy before the storytime, it's still great

Sure but if that's the reason people give then they're retarded my man, that's all there is to it.

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I read it as in this form he's stronger than all the base Espadas but would get mogged by any of the top 4 released forms

I'm enjoying this storytime more than the 2020 one


I said one of many, not the only one

shut up nigga harribel is only remembered because of her tits

I want to see the top 3's segunda forms.

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I always like to imagine that too. Drinking sake and chasing baddies


Not gay, just bromantic. They could have been friends if circumstances were different.

Kenpachi would lose to guys like Kyoraku, Unohana, Mayuri and also Gin (fucking tied him down on his first appearance...). He's mid.
Byakuya? Low fucking tier, he would lose to Kenpachi, all the above as well as Soi Fon due to him being slower.


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they're probably drinking buddies in an alternate universe

who is screaming in the middle of the fight

He could literally copy every shinigami’s powers


Yeah, Barragan was kino.

That's a big axe

Why was the axe there?

And I said that's a fucking retarded reason, and if all those other reasons use the same faulty logic, then they're retarded reasons too.

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shinigami ric flair is responsible

Abuelo has to get out the chair axe...

Why don’t more people turn the sword into more convenient items?

capped the last thread for you guys

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>Byakuya and Kenpachi were always shown to be the strongest
Not quite. It's probably more like, Adult Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, Kyouraku, then Byakuya. Mayuri is a toss up because of hacks. I place him 4th or 5th depending on if you count Adult Hitsu.Byaluya no-diffs Soifon lol what the fuck are you smoking

for you

dark souls boss energy

based as fuck character

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Could use a few more, in my professional opinion.

>You've stored enough power
That's not what Gentei Kaijo does.

Are you gonna call the complete anti-climax that are the Fullbringer Arc and TYBW (ESPECIALLY how Yhwach gets beaten) on purpose as well?
Were we, as readers, supposed to feel let down as to how this overwhelming force got beaten?

kino. thanks for your service user