Shin Chan

Any Shin Chan fans here who can give advice on which of the >1000 episodes are worth watching? Surely there are good seasons and bad seasons of the show.

For example, if someone was new to the Simpsons I would say that seasons 1-9 are worth watching, and that really the peak is seasons 3-8.

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this shit is for kids man, and its not even funny either

You're supposed to watch the movies.

Are the movies better than the series? Normally I’d say that anime tie in movies are pretty shit compared to the series they’re based on.

Some, like 9 and 10 are considered masterpieces in Japan. My favourite is 22.

>which of the >1000 episodes are worth watching?
All of them

Honestly, the whole first season is great. I've made it up to the 30s and all the episodes have been good so far. Hara's films from the early 00s are amazing as well, and you can watch them without any knowledge of the series as well.

This is a great blogpost that might give a lot of the answers you're looking for. My recommendation is to start with the movies. Adult Empire is as good a place as any to start, it's a masterpiece. Keiichi Hara's films in general are the highlight, but there's a lot worth watching outside that.

Everything especially the appartement arc

You probably needed to be alive when the episodes were made for the jokes to be relevant.
I will admit that I learned about Shin Chan from the English dub that aired on G4 TV about 15 years ago.

All of the jokes were localized and mocked the GW Bush administration. Sort of like how MXC is full of period references. It was hilarious at the time. I recently rewatched it with my 13 year old and she didn’t get it.

I am sure the Japanese is even harder to find humorous since it will be full of anachronistic references as well.

You watch 1 episode each day

This is great, thanks.

Imagine some Japanese westaboo saying this about The Simpsons. lmao

The movies are the shit, the anime has more or less slice of life plots but the movies go as wild as they can

>All of the jokes were localized and mocked the GW Bush administration
I refuse to believe this is real.

I see why Shin Chan did way better in other countries

i've watched it dubbed in both catalan and spanish, none of the jokes reference any current or national events lulz

>Thread about one of the best anime series ever
>Almost no post

A lot of oldfags went out for a hike

Bah, oldfags are idealized. LuckyStar, Elfen Lied, Rozen Maiden... are disappointing

Generational in joke. You had to be there

I've been watching the original and I've had no issue following anything, the 92 economic crisis gets mentioned once or twice and other than that it is just typical Japanese cultural references.

>it was a joke
I hope so

It's one of those series I think you'd probably enjoy watching daily or every other day.