ITT God Tier Hand-to-hand Combat Kino

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Rakan vs Negi was basically hand to hand for the most part

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Togashi really kicked ass on this. Up until he got behind and sketched the conclusion in the serial.

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Ken vs Raoh is one of the best slugfests in all of manga.

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based Genthru-enjoyer

minus the fact that it's a fucking isekai, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it. its just that good

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can kicks apply for this thread?

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I did enjoy this.

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manga can't express god tier hand-to-hand combat since it lacks motion.

where the fuck is part two for both yajin and pic related?
then go read some more manga user

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Of course, user.

Manga is where the soul is. If you cant feel the kino from the panels, you might be dead.

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Needs motion.

Most JJK fights especially Yujis are good h2h scenes. Theres also clover and baki

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then go watch an anime

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The main reason JJK sucks ass right now is because it's missing Yuji. His fights are the best, no energy beam or pachinko bullshit

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He was the reason I actually read all the way through.