Anime that does NOT respect women is the best kind of anime

anime that does NOT respect women is the best kind of anime

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I don't understand why normalfags think appreciating the traits unique to women is equal to disrespecting them nor do I wish to understand irrational idiots.

MCs that "respect" women are the best.

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Woman nowadays don't respect themselves so it's accurate.

This. They should all be rounded up and executed

Dude, when are Vatniks ever women?

she 100% deserved it

based pervy old men

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Breasts have many uses

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god this show was so based
women should always be portrayed like this in every action scene

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To normalfags, it's ok if there's a big titted woman as long as she's beheaded and raped. That's respect

incredible. Saved.

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Anime can respect women and still make them hot you know.

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Calling it disrespectful is just ham beast cope.

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damn, I should read this manga

showing tits isn't disrespectful

Yes it has what you're looking for

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button popping titties

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Yeah you should

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>anime that does NOT respect women
What anime would that be, user?

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There isn't a single anime with fanservice that's worth watching.

>Woman can be one of the strongest in their setting
>They can regularly prove themselves an able fighter and worthy member of the team they would be lost without
>But if her tits are too big it's disrespectful

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wow what an interesting way to tell us that you are faggot

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Ogling is respectful

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As a woman respecter who never got to touch titties in his life, I regret all my decisions.

Could just be an old man who respects women