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why was this episode so boring

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or is the series just dead?

We're back to shit after one good episode? Checks out unfortunately

I dunno, them bitching about how much to spend on a TV and using points took me back.

lol geez

can anything save this series?

chi sex

Whole season 2 is a New Baby Episode trope, they clearly ran out of ideas

Delete all copies of this season, and make another with the first season's artstyle that ignores the baby entirely.

will that manga artist other series tank because of this?

>decide to watch season 1 to refresh before season 2
>that jarring difference in animation style and quality
On top of that, I chuckled a few times rewatching the first season but I don't think I've laughed once watching the 2nd

In terms of art:
S1 > manga > LN >>> S2

we aren't getting an emi ending are we?

What the fuck? Why did this episode look like microwaved dog shit? Did they get guest animators or something?

Maybe the manga can deliver one, but don’t get your hopes too high about it.

Why are there two keys for the right parenthesis?

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where I don't see

If they were invested in one they'd have hyped it up in some way. otherwise why flail for 12 episodes

9 and @
I think the @ one should be a `

one on the 9 key, and one to the right of P

We hate Emishit here